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Inquiry About Guangzhou Hongming Textile Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-11-13 04:56:22
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Inquiry About Guangzhou Hongming Textile Co., Ltd.2019-11-13 04:56:22
Hello Mr Lee, I am a Fabric Agent from NY and I have been working with my father BRIAN for the last 3 years. I do a ton of business with USA market about 5 million a year. Recently Brian and want to start looking for a new MILL to represent for Chemical Lace and Stretch Lace.  If you are used to working with USA market and can speak perfect english we could be a really good team.

we do 500,000-750,000USD$ in business yearly for chemical lace and STRETCH LACE  but our clients work at TIGHT price points. We also need constant communication and high level service

Can you communicate PERFECTLY in english?
have you worked with USA market before?
have you worked with an Agent before?
do you stay up to date with chemical lace designs / stretch lace designs? we normally need new packages of headers send to us every 2-3 weeks to show clients. 

if you answered YES to all of these questions respond to my email with WECHAT info and we can talk further.
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