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Inquiry about Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co.,Ltd.
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  • 2019-10-31 18:51:40
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Inquiry about Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co.,Ltd.2019-10-31 18:51:40
Dear SIr
     we need price  below item.
Sl. no. Item Description Part No. / Model Unit Quantity
1 Pocket Type NickelCadmium Rechargeable
Including Battery Rack
and necessary
800Ah, 1.20Volt, 10 hours
discharging capacity
Bank (104
2 Modular Type Battery
Charger including
Additional Spare parts
Modular Type Battery Charger
(Higher frequency power supply
180A, 125 Volt consisting,
Each 20A capacity with a 3-phase
isolating transformer,
Output Voltage range
(90Vand150V) ±10%
1 Pc CPU to be provided as spare.
Mfg. Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co.
Ltd., China
Additional Spare parts
High-frequency switching power
module: jz-22020h----9pcs
a. 9 load parts (1 container),---
Model Type : FC
b. 4 fuse cores---- Model Type:
c. 4 impactor cores-- Model type:
d. 4 signal lights------ Display the
on/off status of feeder switch
set 1
3 Insulating Monitoring
Device for DC BUS and all
DC feeders
V-type insulation monitoring device
expansion box Type-JZE-IPD-v02-
set 2
4 Cable NYFGby 1*70 rm Rated Voltage 600/1000 Volt meter 500
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