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Inquiry about Qingdao Redsun Rubber Products CO . , LTD
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  • 2019-10-23 09:27:09
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Inquiry about Qingdao Redsun Rubber Products CO . , LTD2019-10-23 09:27:09
Not sure if you will be able to assist/quote on this but thought I would ask. The trouble is we need a price for each rubber within 48 hours as the supplier here in Australia is taking much too long to price this and the client needs this ASAP. Is this possible to quote in this short time frame?

TTF Scalloped Rubber (HF)

These are the two scalloped hard rubbers we will need quoting. I have attached some pictures of our current flat rubber which shows the ‘T’ end piece that slots into the channel on each corner of the rack. The scalloped rubbers don’t really need any galvanised steel running the length as seen in the flat rubber picture attached, but do need end plates vulcanised to each end of the scalloped rubber with the ‘T’ piece.

Total number to quote are as follows:

272 Top/Bottom Single Scalloped Rubbers
136 Middle Double Scalloped Rubbers
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