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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2020-05-27 11:50:56
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  • Hall Cabinet, Malaysia Display Cabinet, Lovinna Display Cabinet, Singapore Cabinet, Home Furniture, Living Room Furnture, Cabine
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2020-05-13 10:50:02
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I would like to purchase your products. Can you quote me the following: SL400N - wall mount controller DC 12V-24 3W SL1600CW - control board at the chiller unit thanks, Ben

United States
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2020-05-08 20:47:07
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I would like to know more about the product and prices.

  • Living Room Cabinets
  • classic dining room furniture -Louis XVI living room furniture
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2020-04-23 23:54:40
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Dear All, We are Company Impexron GmbH from Germany, 72793 Pfullingen We would like to have quotation from you with price , delivery time and fright costs to above mentioned address for the following product : 1 pcs air conditioner control panel with product number SL108 from brand Syslab, ( We have pictures from the product , if you need ) I'm waiting for your answer If you can't assist us with this request please tell me Thank you in advance ,

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2020-04-18 02:47:46
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Hello! Give me please prices: 1. 23003122 2. 22937213 3. 92888262 4. 22219174 5. 39911631 6. 54509427 7. ULTRA COOLANT 8. 23531577 9. 22516025 10. 54774302 11. 22225858 12. 23030901 13. 23073240 14. 23025471 15. 85560332 16. 22999635 17. 99289860 18. 39437645 19. 93198554 20. 93470235

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2020-04-15 05:05:14
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  • Living Room Cabinets
  • Malaysia divider cabinet, Singapore divider cabinet, Living Room divider cabinet model 2016, divider & display cabinet, white
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2020-03-08 06:40:02
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Dear Sir or Madam, I am Head of Sales at geschenkidee.de, a German company specialised in finding the perfect present for everyone. Currently, we are looking into expanding our offer of wooden boxes, chests and pots or baskets usable as gift baskets which could be individually customised by our product team. We would be very interested in getting into contact with you and getting to know the boxes you are offering that might meet our needs. I am especially interested in Paulownia Wood Box Packaging. Would it be possible for you to send us additional information about the types of products you offer, including your price list as well as your terms of delivery and payment? Thank you for your time and for considering this request. I am looking forward to your reply. Best regards, Emma Kochhan

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2020-02-27 18:05:25
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Dear Monica, Please quote Fusheng spare parts and oil according to the attached file!

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2020-01-10 16:10:26
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What is the Price at the long Big one?

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2020-01-10 00:11:34
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I need temp and humidity controller

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2019-12-18 19:50:02
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Please email us your catalogs (chairs, daybed etc) with your best price listThanks

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2019-11-06 00:46:52
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I would need some samples.I will pay for them.Please contact me.

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2019-10-13 17:14:11
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hello , i keep on calling you but unfortunally no answer from your side. I'm Amy from ozeol company, we're clearance company looking for a stock items to buy, we do supply 300 store in France. May i know if you keep any stock that i can buy?

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2019-10-08 16:09:36
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Dear Sirs, We are a Saudi coolers manufacturer who focused on manufacturing 2 stage coolers with different sizes from 5TR to 25TR and we are very interested in your controllers so please get back to us with programmable controllers which fit our needs accordingly to the following requirements: Please note that in your built controller you may have more features than what we actually need therefore, it will be pointless paying for something which is not useful for us and to reduce the cost we would like to ask you if possible to get a custom made board (controller) which can only satisfy our needs as below: 1- The ability to control the fan speed with adjustable 3-speed switch. 2- The internal screen should show the potential temperature which comes out of the cooler &also the environment exterior temperature. 3- The internal screen should show the potential humidity level (number) which comes out of the cooler. 4- Adjustable drainage time from 1 - 10 days. 5- Sound alarm coming from the dust sensor when it's durty needing to be cleaned. 6- Sound alarm if the water pump is not working. 7- We have in the cooler 3 sensors one of them gives the valve order to open the water refilling, 2nd to gives the valve order to close the water, 3rd to gives complete cooler stop (emergency stop ie. shout down) in the case of water empty.  8- To be integrated with wifi smartphone App.  These are all the points we need at the moment if you can kindly build something for us which only provide the above features in reduced price that would be great news as we will request a monthly supply to satisfy our market demand. Please check the attached photo for one of our 5TR cooler. Looking forward to receiving your reply  Regards Nader  

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2019-09-30 02:14:22
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I'm very interested in your products;could you send me some detail reference information? For Close control air conditioning units

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2019-09-09 00:29:28
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Dear Sir/ Madam May I seek for your kind assitace to quote below inquires Dsplay Screen Model: AHU Controller , SL 1600F-TH2 Qty: 3

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2019-09-02 16:53:26
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Dear Sir/Madam Good Day May I know is there any outcome

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2019-08-26 15:08:09
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Hi this is Zia from Paksitan Karachi i need tools in big quantity can you please send me the best price with pictures 5000Pcs Cutter Ct 127. 5000Pcs Cutter Ct 128. 3000Pcs Cutter Ct 274. 5000Pcs Flaring tools Ct 195. 5000Pcs Flaring tool Ct 2020.

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2019-08-23 19:40:19
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In order to control the speed of the single speed AC fans (two pieces) of the Energy Recovery Unit ventilators, we need 2 digital (triac) output voltage controllers to be operated by LCD room thermostat panels. Do you have a generic controller which includes above characteristis.

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2019-08-21 13:47:25
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Hi, we have on hand your hardware board - SL1500 and HMI - SL108. Is possible to send programming software and nessesary equipment for programming for this complect?

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2019-08-18 16:44:04
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2019-08-18 12:55:49
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. We want to buy your Heat Pump controllers . Next week I want to visit your factory to meet with you. Please confirm your available. Regards, Chavala Energy Master Co., Ltd. H/P: +66 818385101 Email: chavala_t@forbest.co.th

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2019-05-22 01:29:09
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We have a cot that is manufactured by your company, it is white with a draw at the bottom and the ends are open slats, some time ago our daughter pulled it apart and removed the mounting hardware and fixtures for the sliding side. We have the side but the fixtures have been misplaced and we can not locate them. We now wish to use the cot again but need the fixtures to allow us to put the side up and down. Can we purchase these fixtures from you or one of your agents? We live in Melbourne Australia. If you can provide an email address we can send you photos if this is of assistance. Our email address is as per above. Trusting you can assist us and looking forward to your reply. Regards Graeme Burbidge PS. It is a sleigh type cot.

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2019-05-11 15:51:29
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