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Inquiry about Wuzhou JL Jewelry Co., Ltd.
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  • 2018-09-25 14:26:11
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Inquiry about Wuzhou JL Jewelry Co., Ltd.2018-09-25 14:26:11
Loose Cubic Zirconia Gemstone Prices for resale.
 I supply Silicon Rubber and casting equipment to Gem clubs and Manufacturing Jewellery's through out Australia and would like to add a selection of small CZ all colours for my clients.
 As the Australian dollar is very bad against the US dollar at present my purchases will be small quantities  until the Australian  dollar improves. Please quote on the following with delivery to Queensland Australia:-
 CZ Coloured, Emerald Green, Topaz Blue, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Citrine Yellow, Amethyst purple, and white 
 Round brilliant Cut Sizes 	Oval Cut 	Emerald Cut 	Pear cut	Marquise Cut
1.00 mm	100 Pc		4x3 mm50pc	5x3mm 50Pc	4x3 50Pc	4x2 50 pc
1.25 mm	100 Pc		5x3mm 50Pc	5x4mm 50Pc	5x3 50Pc	5x2.5 50Pc
1.50 mm	100 Pc		5x4mm 50Pc	6x4mm 50Pc	5x4 50pc	6x3 50Pc
1.75 mm	100 pc		6x4mm 50Pc	
2.00 mm	200 Pc		7x5mm 50Pc
2.25mm	200 Pc		8x6mm 50Pc
2.50 mm 	200 Pc
2.75 mm	200 Pc
3.00 mm	200 Pc
3.25 mm	200 Pc
3.00 mm	200 Pc
3.25 mm	200 Pc
3.50 mm 	200 Pc
3.75 mm	200 Pc
4.00 mm	200 Pc
4.25 mm	200 Pc
4.50 mm	200 Pc
Thanking You 
 Kind regards
 Graham Philip 
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Phone xxx61-479-120-150
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