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I would like to ask about specific color of double hook spoon Size 30

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  • Weihai Selco Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
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2023-05-26 18:22:20
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Urgent Inquiry Chocolate Molds Dear Sir/Madame   Greetings;   I am Ahmad Selmi, purchase manager of Hazem Cake Trading, Gaza-Palestine. Our company imports all cake materials and supplies required for cake industry to feed the local market. We would like to import disposable chocolate molds (one use only) of your esteemed factory production to introduce them to our market. The quantity required for each order will be 20ft or 40ft FCL.   I would be very grateful if you kindly send me your products technical specification, product photo designs, and quotation for your products in USD$ CIF Ashdod with packaging information for our revision and decision;   

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  • Jiangmen Unique Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.
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2023-05-25 21:03:46
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  • Handheld Mobile phone and GPS signal jammer WF-121D
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2023-05-25 19:39:02
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Dear Sales Manager,    It is Abouzar from Pasargad Steel Complex, in Iran. We are going to produce forged products with the square and round shapes from cast ingots or continuous cast round blooms. In this case, we want to purchase the equipment for a complex of open die forging, including the open die forging press and a movable manipulator. We would appreciate it if you can give us your technical and commercial offer. Best regards Abouzar

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  • Jinan Linteng Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.
IP : 151.232.16.**
2023-05-25 18:57:11
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Please send me an email if this company is real and valid.

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  • Wenzhou Wojin Paper Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
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2023-05-23 22:49:09
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HelloPlease let me see your products, I want to make a big order to bulgaria - I have a small shop for bags

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  • Bvlgari Replica Handbags,Bvlgari Designer Handbags,Bvlgari Knock Off Handbags,Bvlgari Copy Handbags,Bvlgari Fake Handbag
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2023-05-22 16:34:08
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I am needing to buy 5000 backpacks and I am looking for innovative options.

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  • Quanzhou Tongli Bags Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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2023-05-17 21:41:16
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  • Yuyao Boolain Craft Gifts Co., Ltd.
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2023-05-16 23:54:33
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Looking for universal guard for Panel Saw (MJ6128B)

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2023-05-15 15:56:14
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I would like to see your website.

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  • Cangnan Idream Crafts Co., Ltd.
IP : 1.46.210.**
2023-05-12 20:50:02
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i'am lalyn from french company, i'm interested in your products. i need your email please to send you a formal email about the bags we re interested in. thank you

IP : 41.226.164.**
2023-05-12 18:39:25
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Is this Mail still active or is there a new contact partner. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerly, Patrick Mayer

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  • Greatwall International Trade (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
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2023-05-11 21:37:54
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Please send me an email if this company is real and valid.

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2023-05-11 16:18:10
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me by email. I'd like to know about the pricing for: OEM Service Supported Custom 3d Embroidery Long Brim Unconstructed 6 Panel Adjustable Black Baseball Cap Dad Hats // 500pcs with our logo embroidered. Cap should be black, our logo specific tone of yellow.

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  • Baoding Qianzun Import And Export Co., Ltd.
IP : 87.92.117.**
2023-05-09 14:22:05
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Please send me more about the product price. And how to order the product

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  • Photo-frame Style Painting Smart Signal Detector Jammer WF-DJ7
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2023-05-05 20:51:15
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We are looking for a producer of trolley handles. We would like to send you 3D of the handle we need. Looking forward to hearing form you. Predrag Krupljan

IP : 185.129.52.**
2023-05-05 14:30:50
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Good Morning, My name is Kel Pallot and I own  construction company in Vanuatu (Oceania) where we specialize in building jetties and marine structures. We want to offer our clients an option for floating pontoons to go with their jetties and would like information and pricing on a 20' FCL of the sizes noted above. Could you also please send a typical drawing of the pontoon showing connections so that we can see how we would have to build the framework for the pontoon. Many thanks. Kind regards, Kel Pallot.

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  • Guangzhou Baolin Plastic Manufacturer CO.,Ltd
IP : 14.137.43.**
2023-05-05 08:21:22
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Hello, please share your WeChat contact. 

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  • Dongguan Guoling Machinery Co., Ltd.
IP : 103.187.94.**
2023-05-04 23:32:25
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Hi, I am interested in buying your bottle holding hydration belt in bulk and selling in Australia. Can I send you an image of the product I am interested in?

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  • Xiamen Xin Yangtze River Industry Co., Ltd.
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2023-05-01 11:49:05
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  • Jimmy Choo handbags replica, replica Jimmy Choo bags, cheap Jimmy Choo replica wholesale online Polo Bags
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2023-04-30 12:58:27
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We have ordered before. We would like to produce out notepads again. Please contact me. Thank you. Tin Hoang 

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  • Wenzhou Kangfei Printing Co., Ltd.
IP : 64.98.215.**
2023-04-27 00:09:51
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we, IONTO Health & Beauty GmbH, are manufacturers of cosmetics and pedicure products and are currently looking for a backpack or suitcase for our foot care devices. I would like to know more about the product, Important would be MOQ, price and a technical datasheet of the product (size of the compartments etc.). Also I would like to know, if there are any possibilitys of customization (alter the sizes of the compartments for example, private label;...). I am looking forward to your answer! Kind regards, Maximilian Bölsche.

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2023-04-26 14:20:17
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What does it cost for a nice black bigger not huge but a good size purse in Chanel black and are they real leather and do they come like looking exactly
I'm looking to buy my mother a black Chanel purse or Yves  St Laurent
Something like that one in the picture at the top but I like I wanted to look nice pretty and sharp can you send me a picture

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  • chanel handbags,chanel wallet,chanel purses,chanel bag,chanel leather handbag
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2023-04-22 00:40:04
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2023-04-20 20:50:01
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