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Am looking for genuine ink cartridge 82 black CH565A

IP : 105.162.53.**
2023-05-29 20:20:02
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IP : 105.162.53.**
2023-05-29 20:10:02
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

Russian Federation
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2023-05-16 18:17:07
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Hola necesito precio de los engranajes de la caja de cambios de este buggie

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2023-05-14 19:50:01
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Dear Sir, My name Nguyen Duc Thoa (Mr) from DVME Technical Services Joint Stock Company was established by members with over 10 years of experience in working and supplying materials and equipment for many large companies and corporations in Vietnam. We wish to function as a bridge and advocate for manufacturers who want to increase their market share in Vietnam while also offering expert solutions and advise to clients. We have expertise creating new suppliers for the heavy industry and the assembly sector, as well as new brands. Also, we regularly interact and communicate with clients who work in: Thermal power plants, Cements, Minings, Wast treatments, Steel factories, Oil & Gas, Services…. Currently, we have an inquiry for belts for Thermal power plant. I would like send to you list on the file attached.

IP : 118.70.184.**
2023-04-05 15:38:56
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.

IP : 49.34.60.**
2023-03-25 03:48:47
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Hi to the right person, who gets my message. I'm Sandra and I'm working for a danish kids brand called Kongessløjd as a Product Developer Assistent. Right now I'm sourcing for denim suppliers, and I saw you, as you have a few scandinavian clothing brands, that you're working with. Do you make kidswear? Do you have any certifications? If yes, which one(s)? What are your minimums? I'm looking forward to hear back from you. Best regards, Sandra Jaroszek Kongessløjd

IP : 188.182.218.**
2023-03-07 17:43:16
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For v.belts

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2023-02-26 03:20:02
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Looking for vbelts from sanlux rubber co

IP : 174.199.98.**
2023-02-24 16:30:02
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12000 peices of sanlux rubber Co v belts

IP : 174.199.98.**
2023-02-24 16:22:44
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Hi ! We are Alimak trans company from Minsk, Belarus.We are interested in the spare parts that you carry out for Russian trucks and cars.Please send us the Van catalog by email Thank you.

IP : 37.214.52.**
2023-02-24 05:52:53
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Can you please update me the prices of the ff: 1). 16x98mm, plain white, internal lacquer, latex ring, piercer cap 2). 16x105mm - same as above 3). 19x115 - same as above 4). 13.5x82mm - same as above Please reply urgently to my email . I need to place order asap. Thank you.

IP : 112.200.103.**
2023-02-22 10:28:20
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Interested in you product please send us your details.

IP : 97.116.75.**
2023-02-20 16:22:42
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We are interested in importing Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade, quantity 2-3 Container therefore please quote us your best price in CFR Chittagong, Bangladesh with detail specifications, packing, origin, shipment schedule etc by return e-mailOur contact details given below however if required any further information please do not hesitate to ask. Moreover, please give us your full company details..Best RegardsAbdul FahadA2F Corporation 1194, Khatungonj.Chittagong. BangladeshMob:  (Whatsapp available)

IP : 103.85.158.**
2023-02-13 16:50:02
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

Russian Federation
IP : 80.76.179.**
2023-01-30 13:34:13
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 I am interested in stevia blends with sticks and tablets.

IP : 95.153.176.**
2023-01-13 21:50:02
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I am a buyer and I interest to your production.May I have your email to send an order and talk about prices
Thank you so much.Can I have your phone number or Skype or WhatsApp

IP : 89.199.82.**
2023-01-07 14:50:02
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hello how are you i need to your products please contact us

IP : 185.33.170.**
2022-12-26 09:06:52
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Nema 4X Vortex Cooler required Model: 61125X Quantity: 1 unit Complete with mounting kit and accessories Please share price in RMB

IP : 119.160.3.**
2022-11-25 22:11:11
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Do you still manufacture aluminum collapsible tubes for pharma products?

IP : 112.200.162.**
2022-11-21 15:15:36
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products. I'm looking for V-belt for cone crusher pulley. crusher model is SC185 (Shaorui Heavy). The Number on the belt is 8V1630 25J4140La. Can I buy from you?

IP : 222.121.87.**
2022-11-10 14:03:48
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please contact with me by wechat this is sina kamrava I am looking for milling machine 

IP : 37.221.19.**
2022-11-01 18:34:01
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Hi. Give me your WhatsApp number? I need 14pcs drowning pencil 1000set

IP : 43.252.15.**
2022-10-24 13:58:50
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Hi I’m Nay Linn from Myanmar , We have been V-Belts for 20years and we are interested your product. Please kindly contact us.

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2022-10-05 21:53:49
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