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I would like to purchase this item.Please contact me.

United Kingdom
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2019-10-15 04:41:41
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waitting yoour reply

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2019-10-11 17:14:06
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2019-10-11 03:54:21
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. silver vinyl substratewith matt finish 75x25mm

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2019-10-10 02:24:35
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?Silver vinyl subtrate with mat finis 75 x 25mm

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  • custom permanent rare earth magnet YXG28 Smco Magnet
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2019-10-10 01:45:39
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

Russian Federation
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2019-09-10 20:15:19
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Please quote me your price and order payment terms and delivery time. 50 pieces 100 pieces

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  • Magnetic name badge holders office depot with strong neodymium magnet ring name tag with magnet
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2019-08-29 04:19:15
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i contact alan many times not answer please send me offer for magents 30mm x320 with two threadas on both sides 12000 Gauss

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2019-08-28 11:32:51
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Hi i want order badge magnets

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  • plastic magnetic name badge magnet/magnetic fasteners
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2019-08-24 16:20:02
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?we have purchased magnets from Ketian previously and would like to establish a contact. I previously traveled to your company and met with Echo Chen who is no longer employed there.robert herrin

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2019-08-15 10:40:07
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I would need some samples.I will pay for them.Please contact me.

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2019-08-12 20:50:55
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Would you send me a product sample before I place an order? Please reply me on my what's App no. +917666699995

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2019-07-30 12:53:27
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offer for circles magnet outer diameter 40 mm teeth 4mm screw in the middle

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2019-07-20 21:13:10
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. We are currently participating in MOE-Oman tender and I need a price for magnets. Please contact ASAP for the tender details. Closing date is July17,2019. Thanks, Mary

United Arab Emirates
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2019-07-03 16:19:42
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Magnet Router
Magnet Router

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2019-06-26 12:50:02
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  • DAF Truck Wheel Bearings F-805008.08 , 566283.H195 , 1801594 For Vehicle
United States
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2019-06-22 03:39:49
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speak spanish ?
speak spanish ?
speak spanish ?

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2019-06-21 14:40:01
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Dear manager I am glad to meet you. Mohammad Zadeh from Raad Motor Company from Iran is from Tabriz. We are a manufacturer of various types of electromotors, D.C, A.C. Anyway, we want to buy the magnet to our code 15041020 in a large amount by post. First, we need 5,000 N poles and 5,000 poles S of this magnet. I hope you help us with this purchase. So, we are waiting at the fastest time to hear good news from you. With the lowest price of our needed magnets. The requested Magnet Map will be sent to this email. If this item is available, we will issue a sales invoice for this company and also send us the delivery and delivery time. Meanwhile, the announced price will be in RMB Also, I ask you to send me the map and specifications of your production magnets. Thanks Mohammadzadeh --------------------------------- RAAD MOTOR KOUSHA CO. WWW.RAADMOTOR.COM INFO@RAADMOTOR.COM Mobail and WATSAPP Number: + 98 914 920 96 59 TEL : + 98 413 421 28 13 + 98 413 421 46 12 FAX : + 98 413 420 29 69 IRAN – TABRIZ

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2019-05-31 18:28:35
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We are one of the leading submersible pumps manufacturer located @ Gujarat, India. We are looking for neodymium magnet segment. Drawing could be provided on demand. Mobile / Whatsapp No. +91 9909015610 www.silverpumps.com

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2019-05-27 12:50:58
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We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity? 2mm thick and 10 mm diameter. 1 000 000 pc. thank you

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2019-05-24 16:14:21
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dear sir/madam, i wanted to talk with you, i am ready to buy magnets from your factory. please add me at qq number 2109093146 regards salek

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2019-05-19 17:04:20
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Good Morning.I'm the engineer barbieri. I am owner of Tratol, located in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim-ES, Brazil. We work with resale of heavy machinery parts.I need to acquire bucket tips and supports, excavator belts, hydraulic cylinder sealing kits, and a few other things.I will be in China from June 12 and will return to Brazil on June 19th. I would like to visit your company in this period to know your products and make the necessary purchases. Could you receive us?We'll be in Guangzhou and I need to know where you are. I need your address, company name and contact phone number. Thank you in advance.

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2019-04-29 03:05:29
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Dear Sirs, We are starting a new line of garments for export to US markets. Our fabrics will be from China and to finalise we shall visit Hangzhou in the next 2 weeks time We need the various accessories and related items and understand from your website you would be able to offer them at competitive prices Kindly revert with the price indications for us to take the matter forward and since you are in Hangzhou, it will be our pleasure to meet you too during our visit Please advise your email to send the list of items Await your reply Best regards Ajay Ambani Invicto Ventures Pvt Ltd Bangkok tel +66818331393

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2019-03-28 14:17:38
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powerfull barium coin ferrite magnet size 80mm round and 20mm thinks

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  • customized strong round disc shape ceramic ferrite magnet for sale
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2019-03-20 23:15:52
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