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2022-08-19 03:06:20
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Dear Sir/Madam,Hello and how are you?My name is Johnny Lim calling from Singapore.We have a Drag Chain inquiry but we need to sent you the Attachment for you to identify the Chain.How do I sent to you, please advise.Thank you

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2022-08-03 15:21:38
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Hello, I would need you to provide me with an address to be able to request a quote for various products. Best regards Alexis Urgaregui

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2022-08-03 01:16:59
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I would like to purchase your products. Please send me an email address so that I can send you a drawing. Thank you. Peter Mutty

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2022-07-28 12:39:50
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?

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2022-07-28 01:57:07
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Please quote me your price and order payment terms and delivery time.

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2022-07-27 12:40:42
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. I have a conveyor belt from our crusher and I want to change our belt, I am waiting for your answer to give you the dimensions you can contact me in mail or wevhat wechat: 

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2022-07-24 16:43:54
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We need the following item:control knob boardBelet F16APP25 electric stacker

Russian Federation
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2022-07-20 21:00:02
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2022-07-15 15:10:01
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looking for conveyour belt fasterners no2

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2022-07-10 08:20:02
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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lenin Ramirez from the Rtech Industrial SAC Company. We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of industrial equipment such as conveyor belts. I would like to know if they have rubberized wheels to place them on 1" axles for the transport of glasses. Waiting for your reply,

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2022-07-10 07:36:26
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Добрый день. Интересует позиция Чулок моста 42121-16610-71-2шт

Russian Federation
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2022-07-06 21:14:02
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Please sent to me the catalog for low speed back stops. Shaft couplings and freewheels are also interesting. If its available plese sent they too.

Russian Federation
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2022-07-06 20:06:44
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Hello, I'd like to download the catalog.

United States
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2022-07-06 03:12:29
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Dear Sir, Hope you are fine. Please quote us your best prices for the below RFQ on Urgent Basis. 1- TCM Fork Lifter Battery Connector Qty: 6 no.

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2022-07-05 17:41:36
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Hello,Kindly send catalogue and price-list for countainers.Thank you advance.

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2022-07-04 18:08:44
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2022-07-03 18:37:44
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact metemperature sensor    89422-76002-71    2 Sleeve    61251-23600-71    4 stocking bridge    42121-16610-71    2

Russian Federation
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2022-06-29 20:46:15
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2022-06-24 20:00:02
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I would like to know what type of pumps you manufacture.

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2022-06-24 00:29:29
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Please give me a quote for the expansion tank and freight charges to Uganda
Quote for 1 piece of expansion tank part no. 12831100100 to Kampala Uganda

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2022-06-21 12:20:02
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Interested to Buy drive wheel for product development'

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2022-06-04 15:32:39
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United States
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2022-06-04 10:39:47
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Hi Please send me your email .

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2022-05-31 17:53:15
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