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Inquiry About Suzhou Upline Medical Products Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-05-22 00:59:27
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Inquiry About Suzhou Upline Medical Products Co., Ltd.2019-05-22 00:59:27
Dear Sir,

Hopefully you are doing well. Through this email I would like to request a formal quotation for 1.600.000 units of the following:

Flat woven gauze swab
1. It consists of a flat gauze double gauze box. Which must have a frame (22 to 26) Warp of (26 to 30) per square inch, comply with USP III norm.
2. It can be one piece or two pieces that overlap, folded on itself to form a swab. Rounded with all its extremes subject by the same material, without using ligatures of rubber or another material.
3. Its conformation must be perfect, firm, not loose during handling.
4. It must not have loose threads, nor presence of stains, nor strange material.
5. Must be free of colorants and gums. The gauze should be 100% soft and absorbent cotton.
6. Weight should be 3.5 grams at least 4.7 grams, or more.

Please make sure your quotations includes the following:
•	Price per Unit FOB
•	Packaging Details
•	Delivery time
•	Quality Certificates (ISO, USP, CE, FDA)

Thank you very much in advance and I await your kind reply.
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