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Working size 3000mm*2000mm;working height 200mm;5 axis waterjet cutting head;countertop flipper

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  • China water jet cutting machine and waterjet cutter for marble mosaic cutting
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2023-06-05 18:11:32
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Aluminum Profile Cutting Saw Pvc Profile Cutting Machine 45 Degree

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2023-05-31 15:22:28
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Please send me more about the product price.price

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2023-05-23 16:03:54
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Hi Good afternoon, We are looking for bandsaw machine motor to replace. Please provide quote and lead time. Thank you.

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2023-05-05 14:06:16
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We have a old GS320 and we are needing a Service Manual please

New Zealand
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2023-05-03 12:13:41
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hello! interested in buying equipment

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2023-05-01 19:18:56
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-04-26 17:39:21
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Interested in users manual so I can read about the welder

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  • CUT-40Di Inverter IGBT air plasma cutting machine 40 Amp digital cutting thickness 8 mm
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2023-04-23 13:23:07
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Hi, I need  2 alouminium cutting machines 45 degrees, custom made ant 2 machines single head . I am in Guangzhou. Can we meet?

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2023-04-16 17:50:02
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Dear Sir, We plan to  purchase BENDING PRESS PBC 32100K with CNC according to the technical specifications pcs 1 (characteristics in the appendix). Please send the quotation - prices, terms and conditions of delivery. Thank you in advance for the quick answer, Best Regards, Svetlana

Russian Federation
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2023-04-10 21:09:05
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Dear Sir, Madam, We are Sri Lankan metal fabrication company in city of Colombo, Sri Lanka looking to buy GT4228 horizontal band saw and extra 5 sets of blades for it. We are using one machine we bought early days. its good quality machine . please give me your ex works price for this new band saw and blades. Thank you

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2023-04-06 14:18:42
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AUPAL High Quality CNC plasma cutting machine

Costa Rica
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2023-04-06 04:49:37
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Please send me product catalog about LJZ2-CNC-E500THW280SYJ03-1800HSC-120LFZ3LDXB-200machines.

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2023-03-29 21:28:27
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I need more product detail of band saw machine model GZK4250

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  • CNC PLC CONTROL Band Saw Machine FOR STEEL CUTTING GZK4240C with After Service
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2023-03-29 17:30:07
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Hi, my name is Alina. I represent a company that deals with printing equipment. We are interested in Sic-330 300*300 Small Metal Engraving Machine Router Stone Mini Engraving Machining Small CNC Metal Milling Machine. How can we get the price? Thank you in advance.

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2023-03-23 22:22:39
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Catalogs QC11

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2023-03-21 03:16:28
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Interested in Aluminium tube cutting machine. Aluminium tube bending machine.

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2023-03-21 02:20:57
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2023-03-16 22:51:34
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We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity?

  • Metal Cutting Machinery
  • Sic-330 300*300 Small Metal Engraving Machine Router Stone Mini Engraving Machining Small CNC Metal Milling Machine
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2023-03-16 20:21:32
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hellow? how much can it cost me for 4 axis milling machine,sintering furnace, and 3d scanner...... just sent me the quotation for full set.

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2023-02-25 15:26:48
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We, VIS TECH, are an IT based company and also we deals in import export sector, our registered office is in Pakistan, We want to make a strong working relationship with your company for this purpose we want you to please quote us on the following items enabling us to revert back to you with an order ASAP: 1. Vertical Bandsaw machine, specifications is as follows: • Cutting metallic materials Thickness from 14mm to 100mm (Titanium, SS/1Cr, D406, 30Cr, Carbon steel AISI-1045, 1040 etc) • Plate of size: 100x1200x2400 in two halves i-e 100x600x2400mm • Hydraulic Band saw Blade tension • Throat Depth: 800-1000mm • Saw blade speed regulator (25-250) mt/min • Cutting tolerance +0.5mm • Coolant system • Step less feed automatic hydraulic system for movement of materials during process • Pushing device pneumatic. Hydraulic for Pushing heavy steel plates • Bed capacity (Lxw=2000x2000mm) • Machine spares (1set of critical/frequency replaced parts • Automatic adjusting of feed and speed • PSU 3 phase380V/50Hz 2. Blade Bandsaw for cutting of titanium materials 3. Blade Bandsaw for cutting of Steel materials (SS, D406, 30Cr, 1045, 1040 etc) Kindly please reply at the earliest Thanks & Best Regards NAEEM QURESHI Business Development Manager

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2023-02-24 15:11:00
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Request for New Type 1530 CNC stainless sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

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2023-02-21 16:11:34
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Dear Sirs, We are New Century Int'l Co., Ltd in Vietnam We are looking for China supplier for the similar item (welding carriage)  can you check and offer us?

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2023-02-09 16:06:22
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me and send Your catalogue for products on my e-mail Thanks in advance!

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2023-01-28 00:42:28
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