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Inquiry About Jinan JMD Machinery Co., Ltd.
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  • 2020-01-29 13:45:35
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Inquiry About Jinan JMD Machinery Co., Ltd.2020-01-29 13:45:35
As you will come to know, B-Trac Engineering Limited, an engineering / Manufacturing company , Dhaka based intends to expand businesses with every passing year. During the last 15 years starting from 2004 on wards, Bangla Trac Group, our parent Company has established a total of 24 different types of business units, our main focus on power related stuffs though. Considering the huge scope of ongoing infrastructural development including high rise buildings, we want to expand our activities in this field as well. Keeping all that in view, we would need your support to:
(1)	Develop a full fledged workshop where we can produce professional quality window and door frames of selective standard sizes but in large scale. We need to purchase full set of relevant machinery, tools, fixtures, consumables etc . I reckon, your company produces all types of such Door / Window making machinery.
(2)	Need to import Powder quoted Standard aluminium profiles of standard thicknesses but of different specifications which are usually common in the market,
(3)	Need to import all the relevant accessories related to fabricating / making complete doors/ windows ,
(4)	Need to have the aluminium frames majority of them using standard single glass sheet, some double and some limited numbers of triple layer of glass panels of standard thickness. The panel frames to accommodate double and triple layers of glasses  in the window / door frames in multiple layers are of some special usages intended to reduce both sound and heat. There should be scope to inject and retain argon gas inside the gap to help reduce both heat and sound. We are also interested to import fire resistant products.
Please seriously think over it and advise accordingly. If necessary, we can visit your facility/ office for elaborate discussions in future. I visited Jinan one time in the year 2018 in connection with            pre - delivery inspection of some machinery from there.
With warm regards, 
Mohammad Nazrul Islam // Director / B-Trac Engg Ltd.
HP:  0088 0171 3032 852
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