Inquiry about forging hammer

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Inquiry about forging hammer
  • Pete smith
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  • 2017-03-10 04:49:46
  • 01544 267810
  • Hereford and Ludlow collge
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Inquiry about forging hammer2017-03-10 04:49:46
Dear sirs,
               I am a lecturer at the National School of Blacksmithing, a satalite of Hereford and Ludlow College specialising in Blacksmithing and Farriery since 1946. We are the largest and premier Blacksmithing college in Europe and probably the world with over sixty fires, seven gas forges and four power hammers. We have over 200 students a year including Farriery, technical Blacksmithing and a burgeoning Ba honours Atist Blacksmith course in partnership with Hereford College of Arts. We also host national and international master classes during holiday periods where the top names of Blacksmithing work with our Art students for a week forging a sculpture or just watching a master class in power hammer use.

              Our power hammer fleet consists of a Blacker trip hammer, a Reighter, a Kuhn and a 1cwt Massey. All of these hammers have reached, or are reaching the end of their natural lives and no longer give the power, accuracy or dependable consistency required to teach quality power hammered ironwork. 

             Hereford and Ludlow College, like all British state funded education is in the grips of government austerity cuts that leave us seriously troubled as to how we fund capital expenditure on even the bare essentials required to teach our traditional Blacksmingcksmith skills heritage. 

              The purpose of this email is simply to ask Anyang if they would sponsor the replacement of our aging fleet with new Anyang hammers from your range.  The main attraction for Anyang to consider sponsorship is the number of students per year graduating, starting their own businesses and looking for their own power hammer.  The natural choice in the UK is the hugely expensive Massey range but students like to buy what they were trained on/advised on feeling secure in knowing the hammer and being advised on its quality.

              With The growing trade ties between China and the U.K. and our departure from the EU i would consider that the climate is right for a link to be forged between our two industries and would prove every bit as fruitful to Anyang Power hammer sales as it would to our students.  

               Many thanks for your time in reading this and I hope you will be able to give the proposal some serious consideration, and I can supply more information if needed .  I look forward to your reply.

              Best wishes, Pete Smith LWCB, Blacksmithing Course Tutor. HLC
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