Centerless grinding machine

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Centerless grinding machine
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  • 2023-06-07 15:10:27
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Centerless grinding machine2023-06-07 15:10:27

Hello Mr/Mrs, We are a company from Bulgaria that sells and buys used metal-working machines. . We have the following machines in stock: 1.  Centerless Grinding Machine 3M184 2.  Gear Shaper Machine 5B161 3.  Gear Shaper Machine 5M161 4.  Plano Milling Machine 6625Y 5.  Vertical Milling Center FIRST MCV  1500 6.  Milling Machine CNC Morey 7.  Hydraulic shears CNTA 3150/25A 8.  Lathe CU 582 3000 9.  Milling machine TOS  FNGJ 32 10. Grinding Machine FORTUNA 11. Hidraulic Press  Model P0440 12. Centerless Grinding Machine PeTeWe SLR 250E 13. Pipe-cutting Lathe SBF 7/3000 14. Lathe SPA 10 /6000 15. Internal Grinding Machine WOTAN SN 208/8G 16. Gear Machine  ZFWZ 2000/3 17. Gear machine ZFWZ 800x10/II 18. Gear machine PFAUTER PE  1250 If you search for any other machines, let us know and we will find them for you! If you have any machines that you don’t use, they may not be working, please call us!

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