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where can i find parts for a zheijang yongkong 80cc dirt bike, 2010 model
Need information on bike and where to get parts, 2010 dirt bike 80cc, model pf-49 engine number 44F6 or 44FG

  • Pig Iron
  • Zhejiang Yongkang Easy Vehicle Co., Ltd.
IP : 23.248.2.**
2019-06-14 02:50:01
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we are regarding for this kind material.-We are thinking 01 conatiner 20"please quoate to CHILECOMPANY servicios Bio Bio

  • Barbed Wire
  • Professional Factory Anti climb wall spike with good service
IP : 200.86.77.**
2019-06-14 00:31:36
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Hello, my name is Jacob Sears. I am an Export broker who is offering various raw materials. Particularly copper cathodes. If your company is interested in procurement, I would be happy to speak with you. thanks!

  • Iron Wire Mesh
  • Shijiazhuang Qunkun Metal Products Co., Ltd.
IP : 91.202.240.**
2019-06-13 19:25:00
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Hi, I Amit Goel From Goel Steels. I am manufacturer of Stainless steel Utensils. I have required the Coil of 201 grade non magnetic stainless steel sizes below 580mm. i have required 10 containers so pls send me best rate.

IP : 182.69.81.**
2019-06-13 17:35:02
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Dear lady-boy sam zhong,Good day, In the Republic of Moldova Tender announced for Colostomy Systems with evacuation -73000 pcs. Composed of 3 layers high resistance. Thickness per layer 0.08- 0.12 mm. Contain filter charcoal activated for evacuation gas. Hydrocolloid adhesive plate.Allergy. Dimensions 30x15 cm. Cutting hole (Dimensions eye) 15-60 mm. With type evacuation open. Adhesive flange for fastening 72 hours. Mechanism of open-release type 6.0 cm. Into the a box of 20 pieces and clipsfor closure, minimum 5pieces Measure a piece. * BR Mrs. Olga Balanescu

  • Silicon Ingots
  • Longterm Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
IP : 95.65.65.**
2019-06-13 16:41:53
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!
Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.37-1/2,75-1/2

  • Fiberglass Yarn
  • E-fiberglass yarn for sale,Twisted E-fiberglass yarn
IP : 103.82.149.**
2019-06-13 13:50:02
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Hi. Hope you are fine.i need 20K on this.how we deal with ?

  • Stainless Steel Sheets
  • Custom etching 10 micron stainless steel filter mesh for fire alarm system
IP : 104.237.252.**
2019-06-12 23:00:01
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Good day! We read your referral on this site. We inform. Our company is La Plage Group. We are engaged in wholesale. We can supply Metallurgical Coke from Russia. If it is interesting for you, please contact us. Sincerely, Gregory. Manager.

IP : 213.230.92.**
2019-06-12 22:56:05
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?Please state the maximum amount of OBM Viscosifier you can supply per month for one year, initially.

  • Bentonite
  • Viscosifier and gelling agent Organophilic Clay
United States
IP : 71.199.211.**
2019-06-12 22:40:02
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hi sarahow are you ?
I am looking for PVF Tape .Is it in your product list?

  • Steel Pipes
  • 4.76x.0.7 PVF plated tube for braking system
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IP : 5.116.235.**
2019-06-12 19:10:02
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Hi, My name is Pavan from Global EXIM Sources. 1)we need Soda ASH Dense. Quantity:40 Tons CIF to Aqaba, Jordan. Packing Type: Jumbo Bag 1 Ton Packing. Specifications: Please find the attachment below Note: We need it on a regular basis. As a sample, we are giving you an order for 40 Tons. Please send us your Best offer. 2)We need Soda ASH Dense. Quantity:50 Tons CIF to Krishnapatnam Port. Packaging Type:50 kg Bags Specifications: Please find the attachment below. Note: We need 100 Tons. As a sample, we are giving you order for 50 Tons. You can contact me on pavan.sathi@gmail.com or Whatsapp:+91 7799259849.

  • Other Billets
  • Shandong haitian bio-chemical co.,ltd
IP : 183.83.89.**
2019-06-12 18:53:09
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Dear, This is Marc Avila from Colorobbia España. We are the main producers of pigments, glaze, frits... in Spain. We are interested in zinc Ashes, Copper by-products... Please contact me to share info. Thank you. Regards. Marc Avila.

IP : 217.130.241.**
2019-06-12 18:41:07
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Dear Sir, How are you ? dOng bAc are marketing and distribution company in performance materials & ingredients. Today, we are writing to you for further discussion of Vietnam’s business which we are in time for expanding of our actions in the market. We look to be as your exclusive representative / distributor in Vietnamese market. Have a nice day !. Best regards, Truc (Ms.) development director ________________________________ dOng bAc company ltd. 10C Hoang Hoa Tham street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam tel : + (8428) 3841 7777 – Ext 17 fax : + (8428) 3841 8827 H/p: + (84) 90 333 8173 Email: truc@dongbac.com www.dongbac.com

  • Talc
IP : 113.161.75.**
2019-06-12 17:17:15
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Dear Sir, Could you please send me few samples for the perforated metal mesh (SS) with hole size ~ 150 micron and interspacing about 250 micron? Regards, Dr. Muhammad Noaman ul Haq 85, Main Road, Pakistan Town, Phase-II, Islamabad, Pakistan, 44000

  • Steel Sheets
  • Shenzhen Xinhaisen Technology Limited
IP : 202.83.172.**
2019-06-12 17:01:48
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Hi, This is Shyjily From Salem Mohiyaddin Groups of the company in Oman. I have some enquiry about CI 600 x 600mm Kerb gully D-400 HD 60Nos. Kindly arrange to issue the best offer for the same. Thankyou.

IP : 62.61.167.**
2019-06-12 16:42:08
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Do you manufacture steel sheet pile?
You can contact me on whattsapp 639952111698 / 639096477806

  • Steel Pipes
  • Wisco Jiangbei Cold-Formed Co., Ltd.
IP : 175.176.93.**
2019-06-12 13:50:02
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We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation for 16pcs in MILL FINISH ONLY

  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Factory Selling Public Toilet Partition Aluminum Corner Angle Of Groove Convenient Assembly
United Arab Emirates
IP : 83.110.231.**
2019-06-12 13:03:52
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.

  • Tungsten Ore
  • Shandong Alert Soluble Ceramic fiber and equipment Co.,Ltd
IP : 122.168.88.**
2019-06-12 10:41:17
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Hello, my name is Charles Roberts, an American soldier currently stationed in the Gulf Region(SA)under the Emergency Force Supervision Mission(EFSM). I will be here for some time, and because, of restrictions that I am bound to I'm seeking for your candid cooperation to secure private funds on my behalf through a confidential arrangement, the fund is intended for an investment programs which you are welcome to propose or suggest any via investment areas the funds could be utilized on after clearance and subsequent lodgement of funds into your account, but the first step is to safeguard the fund out this region and I know that it takes a bold step to conquer one’s fear and my inner voice guides me to trust you without being overly worried knowing that offering you such a great opportunity to be part of something truly beneficial you would have the courage to keep to the arrangement and in return be rewarded for your exclusive assistance. I would like to hear from should you consider to take this an opportunity heads up; So at this point, In order to accelerate to next step of the operation, I expect to get an urgent response from you in regards. Yours sincerely, Charles Roberts King Fahd Air Force Base, Dammam,SAUDI ARABIA

  • Pig Iron
  • Malabo Trading Co., Ltd.
IP : 199.66.91.**
2019-06-12 06:12:58
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

  • Steel Pipes
  • Jiangyin Tenghua Import & Export Co., Ltd.
IP : 177.70.77.**
2019-06-12 02:20:18
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dear sir-mrs I am najmi from iran I want to buy some goods for Nissan pick up model:KA24 and Nissan rech ( dongfeng motors ) do you have goods for this cars ? if you have goods or you can supply for me inform to my mail all the best NAJMI

  • Zinc Ore
  • Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd.
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IP : 2.178.194.**
2019-06-11 20:19:20
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Dear Sir/ Madam, We are BBA MANDAKH LLC based Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia. We provide supply related materials and parts to construction and mining companies including Oyu Tolgoi LLC. We are participating in a competitive tender for a long term supply agreement for items with big volume usage. Refer to attached file listed items are included in the supply scope of contract. Would you please provide us your standard prices and lead time with information regarding the products. Deadline: 10:00 am, 12th June , 2019 ROPE,GALVANIZED;4MMX50M;BBAWR04 So would you please send us quotation including following information? Herein: • Standard Price • Shipping and packaging information such as INCO terms, • pick up address, • packing net/gross weight and LxWxH dimensions. It is necessarily required for us to estimate the transportation cost correctly. Hope to hear from you soon.. Kindly regards Nandinkhorol Sales Manager Phone: 976-80028269 E-mail : nandinkhorol.o@bbamandakh.mn BBA MANDAKH LLC

  • Steel Wire
  • Zhejiang Wansheng Yunhe Steel Cable Co., Ltd.
IP : 103.57.92.**
2019-06-11 16:52:02
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Dear Sir, My name is Ms.Patraporn from S.K.Hi-Tech Corporation Ltd. Our company is trading company at Bangkok, Thailand. We’re looking for Aluminium 6061-T6 Bar & Aluminium 4032-T6 Bar to support the customer. Please offer your quotation as below detail; 1. Aluminium6061-T6 Bar Size : Diameter 7.5mm, tolerance +0/-0.03mm, Length: 2.5-3m. (Please offer price 1-4tons per month) Diameter 16.5mm, tolerance +0/-0.043mm, Length: 2.5-3m. (Please offer price 1-16tons per month) 2. Aluminium4032-T6 Bar Size : Dia 7.5mm, tolerance +0/-0.03mm, Length: 2.5-3m. (Please offer price 1-4tons per month) Dia 16.5mm, tolerance +0/-0.043mm, Length: 2.5-3m. (Please offer price 1-16tons per month) Best Regards. Patraporn. (Sales Support) S.K. Hi-Tech Corporation Ltd. Tel : (662) 246 9330-3 #303 Fax : (662) 645 0900 E-mail : j_song@skhitec.com / www.skhitec.com

  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Jinan Honesty Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
IP : 43.249.115.**
2019-06-11 16:34:36
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!
Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.Hi, I´m interetsed in talc for manufacturing steatite powders

  • Talc
  • electric porcelain talc lump in a variety of industrial ceramic
IP : 81.33.1.**
2019-06-11 16:00:01
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