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Hello respected bai yun san he, i need your x-ray film Please contact me on WhatsApp 

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2023-09-27 13:29:59
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heey dear. my name is Susan! I love sex. Write me - is.gd/zDrR9a

United Kingdom
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2023-09-24 01:36:44
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-09-21 17:45:29
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Hi this is Getaw Mesfin, I need blood collecting tube 1 million With regards Getaw Mesfin

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2023-08-25 21:52:10
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. Hello China.cn I am Angela from Abraa.com one of the RFQ fulfillment team. We have a buyer looiking for Administration Set For Gravity Infusion With Big Chamber. May I know if this is available and how much is the cost? Do you transport to Iran and how many dasy it will take to deliver. how much is the total cost including the shipping. Looking forwrad to hearing from you soon. Thank you Best Regards

United Arab Emirates
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2023-08-12 17:08:43
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2023-08-02 18:00:29
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2023-06-23 21:49:02
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I am interested in implant irrigation tubes. May I know about it. Please follow my WhatsApp 

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2023-06-22 02:00:36
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Dear Sales Area/Customer Service I would like to know if you have any authorized distributor for Ecuador or Colombia. We need to buy blood transfusion kit. Kind Regards,

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2023-06-21 23:41:09
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Good afternoon, We express our respect to you. We are a trading company of Eleniana, located in Russia (Moscow) we work with medical institutions throughout Russia. We are interested in cooperation in the supply of consumables registered in Russia, namely infusion systems, syringes, needles. I ask you to send the terms of work with your company and the price list for the products. Have a nice day. Elena

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2023-05-25 19:50:02
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-04-27 17:26:09
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Hello. How are you? My name is Tanya, from Kazakhstan. I'm interested in: X-ray films interchangeability (AGFA-KODAK) You have? 1) AGFA D7 ROLLPAC (35CMx61m in box) P\N 28MFA (1 box)  carestream (Kodak) INDUSTREX AA400 (35cmx60m in Box) - INDUSTREX AA400 RP ROLL 350mm x 60m (1 box) 2) AGFA  STRUCTURIX D4 PB VACUPAC  (13CMx18Cm) 20 SHEETS  P\N 3QSD8 carestream (Kodak) INDUSTREX MX125 (13cmx18Cm) - INDUSTREX MX125 PB CP 130mm x 180mm - 20 sheets 3) AGFA D7 ROLLPAC (35CMx61m in box) P\N 28MFA (1 box)  carestream (Kodak) INDUSTREX AA400 (35cmx60m in Box) - INDUSTREX AA400 RP ROLL 350mm x 60m (1 box)

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2023-04-05 17:37:26
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-04-01 16:27:33
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Please send me more about "the Incise drape" product price.

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2023-02-16 13:48:22
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products.

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2022-12-12 07:26:05
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Hello. At the moment we are looking for a supplier for a long contract in Russia. if you have certificates for Russia, then we are ready to discuss a long contract for supplies. we are interested in certification for needles, syringes, insulin syringes, butterfly needle, cannula, infusion system and other things. email me or we chat 

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2022-11-22 02:13:39
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Por favor, proporcione más detalles del producto.

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2022-10-27 00:53:35
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Hello     We are reaching you from Turkey. We reached your company as a result of our research. We want to do a price research and buy 2.5 ml and 5 ml disposable syringes in wholesale. I have a few questions for you. -What is your minimum and maximum order quantity? -What is the plastic, needle tip and packaging quality of the product? - In what ways do you transport the product to Turkey? -Can you produce with the desired criteria using the brand belonging to our company? (Contract Manufacturing) -Also, can you share the detailed pricing of all your products, primarily disposable syringes? Kind regards Veterinarian Samet Tiryaki

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2022-10-01 02:03:42
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Endoscope Cleaning Brush  (Single-ended) and double ended.  We won a tender in Western Australia need to order the product.  Can i have prices please and how to order.  Thank you.

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2022-08-15 16:19:54
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Dear, sir Papco. is an iranian company with more than forty years record of import and distribution for all kind of sutures. Therefore according to these records, we have well connections with iranian medical centers. If you are interested to cooperate, inform us to begin. Requisition products list is attached. yours sincerely, commercial director, Dr.Ahmad

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2022-07-25 21:51:57
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Good afternoon! I would like to purchase products from probably your catalog. Please send a Commercial proposal, taking into account delivery to Uralsk (West Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan) for the following products: 1. Double-sided X-ray protective apron ( Pb 0.35mm). 2. X-ray protective gloves (Pb 0.35mm). 3. X-ray protective cap (Pb 0.35mm, if not, then 0.25mm) 4. X-ray protective glasses (Pb 0.35mm, if not, then 0.25mm). Thanks!.

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2022-07-08 20:34:15
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I am contacting from Keyhan farazan Behdasht company in Iran. I need to importing Infusion set. 

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2022-07-06 17:20:08
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Hi We are interested in needles. Could you send us the catalogue of needles you have and  a price list for them Thank you!

Russian Federation
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2022-06-30 16:27:01
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Hello. Our company would like to order an X-ray film from you, we need to contact you for more details. Please provide your WeChat or WatsApp number. We are waiting for an early response, thank you!

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2022-06-24 12:28:15
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