I'm very interested in the message 'Zhejiang Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd.' on the China Supplier

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I'm very interested in the message 'Zhejiang Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd.' on the China Supplier
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  • 2016-07-05 20:30:33
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I'm very interested in the message 'Zhejiang Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd.' on the China Supplier2016-07-05 20:30:33
Dear Mr / Mrs

I am contacting you from Pangaea Laboratories because we are considering purchasing additional equipment for our blending processes.

One of the main issues that we have found in it is the long time that we spend mixing our raw materials when making the product manually in a bulk, . The average number is around 30% but, obviously, this number varies depending on the type of the product that we are making. 
The reason why is takes that long is because we currently have one person who checks the weights of the raw materials, insert them in the barrel and using a 650 W percussion drill to mix it. This makes a 3 steps process, being the number of interruptions really high, so the idea is to automate the last one.

We make water, oil and cream based products at ambient temperature inside common plastic barrels in quantities from 50 to 200 kg, so it is extremely important to consider the last case, as mixing cream can take up to 60% of the process time.

We are not entirely sure which is the equipment that would help us the most. I think an overhead stirrer would not mix perfectly the bottom of the bulk, but I am not sure if the combination of an anchor and a double arm mixer would be possible to be processed in the mentioned barrel instead of a fix stainless steel tank.
According to seen on the website, I think the Vertical agitator for tank with different parts along the bar would help in order to mix the whole product homogeneously.

The most viscous products that we have are the cream based ones with a viscosity of around 20000 mPas, whilst the most viscous ingredients would be Carbopol, Panthenol or Softisan in a solid state.

Many thanks for your consideration and looking forward to hearing from you soon. I would appreciate a first response via email, as I not usually at my desk, so do not have phone access.
Best regards,
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