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Inquiry about Similar and Related Products
  • Yoji Miyachi
  • ******
  • 37.6.*.*
  • 2017-02-19 16:39:33
  • 0112141845
  • Ltd. PASTEC
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Inquiry about Similar and Related Products2017-02-19 16:39:33
Dear Sirs,

My name is Yoji Miyachi.
I am the sales of mobile phones in Japan.
Company name is Ltd. PASTEC
Store name is mobilestation.

The future, I want to direct trading more than 300 units a month from your company.
And, I would like to buy items regularly from you, so can you please offer the condition for your discount, or send me a price list?

Our company is currently focused on online selling of products imported, but we also have experience in wholesaling in a physical store

I am looking forward to your excellent reply. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Yoji Miyachi

HOKKAIDO, Sapporosi Higashiku
2F LEEkita30zyou Bldg.
1-28 Kita30jo Higashi 1choume
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