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Hi I bought a IPL laser machine 6 years ago. It has sat for a bit and not being used. I tried to start it and nothing would happen. Do they have fuses or a battery in them that need replaced? Thanks

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2023-06-06 08:08:15
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2023-05-31 04:20:02
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hi, im the owner of a MODEL GL-V10, serial number: CN220111001, body shaping machine made for you, and i'm having issues with the arm H1, do you have any technical support in USA?  In addition... could you send me the actual prices, because i'm interested in buy two more machines like this. 

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2023-05-23 04:04:28
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Hi,Send me please price and product description with technical details of Vacuum cavitation body shapng equipment V8-shape machine!Can you send me the delivery costs to Hungary?Thank you,András

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2023-05-17 20:14:32
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?How can I do to purchase this articule and send me from Ecuador 

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2023-05-16 09:03:16
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2023-05-10 23:48:16
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2023-04-27 19:27:08
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2023-04-20 15:53:36
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-04-04 20:07:38
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I would like to know more about the product and prices.

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2023-04-01 01:31:53
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We Beautica Cosmetics Kuwait since 2010 looking for Suppliers for the below mentioned products Portable massage bed (wood & Metal) Stool with back rest Lockable salon hair dresser trolley Hair Steamer for salon Face steamer for salon

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2023-03-19 21:12:39
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Do you sell galvanic electrone roller, round and t for Multi-funcional beauty system NV-801B machine?

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2023-03-10 07:10:02
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Hello. I would like to purchase your products. Neodymium laser YAG PG-002. Please tell me how much the laser itself and delivery to Russia will cost. Thank you

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2023-03-05 16:01:06
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2023-03-05 05:37:25
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Hello, we would like to buy your products wholesale. Could you please get back to us whatsap

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2023-03-04 16:10:02
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!T808-G1910001
im looking for a laser diode machine

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2023-03-02 20:30:02
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2023-02-19 20:20:03
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2023-02-17 17:00:02
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2023-02-15 20:20:02
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Buongiorno sono una vostra cliente dall’Italia, non ho il mostro macchinario 3in 1 presso terapia vorrei acquistare gli adesivi per gli elettrodi che non ho più come posso fare? Grazie

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2023-02-15 20:10:12
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2023-02-07 04:40:02
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2023-02-04 06:50:01
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Se requiere el Catalogo de equipos de cryolipolysis

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2023-02-04 06:44:30
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2022-12-01 21:31:48
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