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Inquiry aboutShijiazhuang Zhanbang Electromechanical Tech Co., Ltd.
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  • 2017-04-18 20:52:26
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Inquiry aboutShijiazhuang Zhanbang Electromechanical Tech Co., Ltd.2017-04-18 20:52:26
Hello Sir 
We are your potential customers.  We deal in Aviation Grade welding at our facility. Recently, we ordered the following welding materials from your firm via a local vendor here in Pakistan  :-
1.  LY 16 Welding wire (1mm)
2. LY 16 Welding wire (1.5mm)
3. LY 16 Welding wire (2mm)
4. LF3 Welding wire (1.5mm)
5. LF3 Welding wire (2mm)
6. H18CrMOA Welding wire (1.5mm)
7. H18CrMOA Welding wire (2mm)
8. H03A Welding wire
9. H62 Copper Rod
10. HGH4169 Welding Wire
11. LF21 Welding Wire
12. LT1 Welding Wire
13. H62M Solder
14. HLAg 40-35 Brazing Wire (1.5mm)
15. HLAg 40-35 Brazing Wire (2mm)
16. HLAg 30-25 Brazing Wire (1.5mm)
17. HLAg 30-25 Brazing Wire (2mm)
18. Q 101 welding Flux
19. Q S101 Welding Flux
20. Q S102 Welding Flux

Few discrepancies were found in the welding material consignment received from your firm. The same are narrated below:-
1. 	Material Quality Certificates are not provided along with delivered material. 
2.	Specification of items mentioned at 1,2,3,4,5 and 11 are not clear i.e. on packing list part no. mentioned LY16, LF3 and LF21. However, sticker pasted on the box is Y16, F3 & F21.
3.	Items S No 14-17, specifications outside and inside the box differ e-g at S No 17 Outside the box: HLAg 30-25 Brazing Wire (2 mm) While inside the box: BAgH5CuZnCd (2 mm).
4.	Items specifications at S No 18, 19 & 20 are not clear. Outside the packet, filler wire is written whereas, inside the packet found SJ 101, SJ101G & SJ 102 which are not the required fluxes i-e QJ 101 , QJ 102 & QTT 101.

Foregone in view, Following is required at your end please:-

	Material Conformance certificates may be provided.
2.           Criteria may be communicated to check whether properties of S No 14 -17, are same as inside and outside the boxes. (Fig. A & B). 
3.           In Case of S No 1,2,3,4,5 & 11, what is criteria to ascertain the chemical composition of filler wires? Can you please suggest some lab tests? 
4.           Required Welding fluxes mentioned  S No. 18,18,19 & 20 may be shipped or Properties 	of equivalent material may be provided for comparison. 

Outside the Box (Fig. A) 

Inside the Box (Fig. B) 

Abdul Manan 
Manager Sheet Metal & Pipe Manufacturing Workshop 
Aircraft Manufacturing Factory 
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex 
Kamra Cantt, Pakistan 
Contact: 00923135049568
Whatsapp: 00923135049568
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