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Inquiry About Hangzhou Success Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-04-25 18:47:51
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Inquiry About Hangzhou Success Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.2019-04-25 18:47:51
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1. Sonotrode cascade type length 520mm, with four cascade, tip diameter 40mm, titanium type horn  
2. Ultrasonic generator 4kw with automatic frequency tuning, amplitude 100micron with boaster, Intensity adjustable 
    from 50% to 100%, dry running protected, interface for remote or PC control, 230volts,  
3. Converter 20khz , IP 65 grade, metal body, cooling plate, sound protection cabinet 
4. High power performance ultrasonic device with 4000watt or above power 
5. recirculation setup for continuous processing 
6. full industrial grade, for heavy duty operation and  permanent use 24hrs per day(24h/7d)
7. Flowcell jacketed dia 100m SS 316 mom with cooling inlet and outlet . Drawing will be submitted for the same 

Technical specs 

1. Efficiency : 85% 
2. Operational frequency 19-20 Khz
3. Amplitude control : 60% to 100% continuous 
4. connected load : 400-480V AC, 3P-N-PE, 50hz 
5. fuse : 400-480V:16A
6. amplitude at the front face of the horn 30um 
7. Flange connection on converter Dia : 140mm max, 
8. Protection class :I, grounded
9. Degree protection : Genrator IP 20 & converter IP52
10. Ambient temp: 40 oC 
11. RH : 10to90% non condensing 
12. converter : 170mmX1015mmX170mm 
13. generator: 470mmX680mmX440mm
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