Inquiry about FeSO4 Quotation & Sample

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Inquiry about FeSO4 Quotation & Sample
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  • 2017-02-14 07:57:28
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Inquiry about FeSO4 Quotation & Sample2017-02-14 07:57:28
I would like to purchase this item.Please contact me.

I need a quote for:

-	Target need/start date of July 2017
-	First year annual forecast of ~2.7 million packages / 4 million kgs / ~4,400 tons of FeSO4

Packaging Specification
Three individual pouches in the total packaging with heat seal separating each pouch.  5 mil Mylar tubing, 41.5748” L x 7.87402” H in total length
Quotation Requirements
-	Quotation per unit basis )(unit = 1 bag = 3 pouches)
o	Price each per below order volume:
	10,000
	50,000
	100,000
	200,000
	250,000
-	Lead Time
o	To ramp supply chain to above volumes
o	To sustain supply chain to above volumes
o	Sample delivery date for internal review/approval
-	Terms
o	DDP Hayward, California, USA
o	Supplier responsible for clearance and compliance
-	SDS and CofA accompanies quotation

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