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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-05-24 13:28:26
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Hello    , As we have many branches this order is for our market elsewhere so quote direct to our branch CIF Mombasa Kenya port Africa the model below. 20 Ton medium size Excavator- XE215C /XCMG=========================4 SETS Integrated 10 Ton Bachhoe Loader - wz30-25/xcmg=========================4 SETS Awaiting your reply. Best Regards RICHARD O WILSON JR, HEAVY MACHINES, INC. 3926 E RAINES RD MEMPHIS, TN 38118-6936 USA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

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2023-04-06 01:51:13
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2023-04-03 14:46:19
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2023-03-18 19:40:02
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United Kingdom
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2023-03-14 00:44:52
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Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.Hi

United States
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2023-03-08 16:20:02
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I am interested in an Langstroth Automatic Honey Super (Box only)

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2023-02-28 16:39:02
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Please contact me on this WhatsApp number Selim Tahiraj

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2023-02-27 16:34:32
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I would like to know more about the product and prices. Please send me product dimensions. I will need to know the length and the width. I also need to know the lead time and how long it would take to have the items shipped to Iowa, USA.

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2023-02-22 04:40:41
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-02-17 14:43:44
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Hello , As we have many branches this order is for our market elsewhere so quote direct to our branch CIF Mombasa Kenya port Africa the model below. New Heracles Excavator Price ATV Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader with TUV Wz40-28===================40 SETS Awaiting your reply. 

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2023-02-14 17:30:50
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hello im nazrin from malaysia,im looking for fullset fully automatic  poultry equipment.our warehouse still under construction .i think around 3 months all work will finish.can u suggest / recommend any type of  1) pan feeding, 2)nipple system 3)cooling system 4) fan 5) drop curtain system 6) climate controller    .our warehouse size is 18meter width X 49 meter length 2 floor .each floor can put around 10000 - 13000 chicken and total around 20000 - 25000 chicken broiler .       

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2023-02-03 03:31:47
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2023-01-31 23:04:18
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I am interest in purchasing battery system for my layer farm. Do you ship to seychelles? Thanks

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2023-01-31 19:00:10
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Milk cooling tank 1070liter

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2022-12-16 16:35:12
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Hello would like more information on foundation roller R750 pricing availability and shipping to Australia thank you .Regards Daniel Overeem

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  • Hot Sales Food Grade Manual Beeswax Foundation Sheet Mold/Honey Comb Wax Foundation Roller Machine From China Beekeeping Factory
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2022-12-08 02:50:34
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Dear Mrs. Our company have interesting buy automatic beeswax engraving machine. Please send me your best prices FOB and CIF Cartagena -

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2022-11-30 04:19:55
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Please may I have a price on your cooling pads also the specifications needed

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2022-11-14 16:10:02
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I want bellar thread 5000kg  please contact me

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2022-11-11 21:29:22
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Pla contact me

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2022-11-11 12:30:02
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Hello, First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alexandre Neto and I’m from Portugal. I’m evaluating the opportunity to open a company and I’m interested in your Cryogenic PPE’s. I would like to know if you could be interested to have a distributor in this area(if you don’t have already) and if you can share some indicative prices in order to evaluate if the business could be viable. I’m looking some opportunities mainly for Cryogenic gloves and Cryogenic Aprons. Could you send the price for 60 Gloves 38cm and 25 Aprons? Do you already export to Europe? Could you share de CE certificates ? I available for a meeting.. (Please keep it confidential) Alexandre Neto

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2022-11-06 02:28:11
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Dear Sir. Please quote below to USA LA  Port. 1) Propolis ext powder  12~17% Flavonoids.       Qty 500~ 1,000 kg 2). Propolis ext ( Water soluble) 10~17% Flavonoids.       Qty  100~ 300 kg. Please send COA if you have. Waiting. Thank you.

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2022-10-26 15:39:10
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We intend to purchase again this product, already purchased from RFID-Star Security in 2020 (Pet Microchip Syringe model ST-Y01). Would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity?

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2022-09-23 16:01:28
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I need a cimuka egg hatcher 4800

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2022-09-13 17:10:01
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