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pls offer 2 unit sliding vane pump for MFO, cap.250m3/h@8.4 bar compelete gear reducer and elmotExd,IIB, T4, 50/3/380V, pump speed 335 rpm, max HP 75 kw. MSDS MFO is available if required

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2019-06-12 17:45:31
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Good day gentlemen, we are a financial agent in Poland, We work internationally with lawyers as well as with tax offices that have been mediating our clients for years. our customers are 40% from EU and 60% from non EU, we do not work with war or political organizations. We need for our clients from TURKEY to time for good and profitable projects .... Chasch credits, SBLC as well as BG I would be glad if you would tell us your conditions. We can start immediately with an agreement Best regards CEO T. Ozkar International Broker´s Société - Poland Contact Büro : Ul. Kościelna 13, 47-280 Ostrożnica – Poland Tel. +48 729 516 448

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2019-03-27 21:47:21
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Please send me detail product specification, thank you!ipndh6rf-200w
ipndh6rf-200w can see online?

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2019-03-14 09:20:01
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I need to connect an Xbox to the internet but I am unable to do so. The WiFi connection works but not the connection to the web. I have the incorrect dns and need to speak to my isp. Could you help? How much would It cost to help me connect? Many thanks Joel

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2019-01-03 11:36:26
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Hi, I own an Xbox 360 and I want it to connect to the internet but I can not do it as it can not find my dns number. I have tried different ways. But I am not good with internet issues. Could you connect it for me? How much would that cost?

United States
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2019-01-03 10:40:01
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I would like to know the price of iPhone 6 glass(screen). I have a simple crack on screen.

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2018-01-24 11:57:27
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Dear sir,We came to know you are in need of sulphur granules via Ec21 website.We offer Sulphur granules as below.Specification:1 Form of granules: spherical2 Mass fraction of sulfur, %, not less than: 99,98 /fact 99,993 Mass fraction of ash, %, not less than: 0,02/ fact 0,0034 Mass fraction of organic compounds, %, not more than: 0,01/ fact 0,015 Mass fraction of acids converted to sulfuric acid, %, not more than: 0,0015 / fact 0,00066 *Mass fraction of moisture, %, not more than: 0,02 / fact 0,017 Presence of mechanical impurities absent8 Color bright yellow9. Origin : Russia10. price: CIF : 220 ASWPPlease do contact us for any requirement.

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2017-12-09 15:10:33
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Dear Sirs,We have customers buying Pig Iron C. Are you able to support us with;- Pig Iron C.- 150 - 300 MT per month.- CIF Port of Belawan, Medan, IndonesiaPlease send us your product specifications, and advise payment terms. Thank you.

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2017-12-07 11:55:25
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Please send me more about the product price for changing glass on iPhone 6s Plus. I’m a student and can’t afford anything too expensive

United States
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2017-10-18 19:03:19
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Hello, I am french and i speaking with a chinese supplier and i want to buy its products. They send me their CE certificat delivered by CES Certification Technology and i want to confirm the validity of this certificat. Here the information of the CE certificat : - Registrer No : STE120613742 - Model No : YASMB1967015 SERIES Can you confirm me this certificat ? Thanks, Best regards, Mohamed

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2017-09-20 04:50:08
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I would like to know more about the product and prices.

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2017-05-16 04:10:51
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I would like to buy face compression garment

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2017-04-09 11:40:39
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Hi, We would like to have a quote about the cost and the timing that is required to make TELEC certification for our device - iblazr 2. Our manufacturer is at China and probably we would like to make it from there. Could you assist with that issue?

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2017-01-26 21:54:52
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We are interested in using your Imports Letters of Credit Facility for our importation of Goods from China into Nigeria. Kindly send us details of your various Imports Finance Facilities you are able to offer us. Thank you and Best Regards

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2017-01-26 14:01:42
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Are you suppy for pakistan h.how many day requir for the supply and how I pay with

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2016-07-27 16:13:05
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Hi We are very interest in star buying hangers and we need a new international seller. First to all, we need the models, prices, colors, styles and sizes of all kind of hangers and it could be made of wood and or plastic. We are more than 30 clothing stores located in Costa Rica and we constantly will need those hangers You can contact us to : yalile@arenascr.com or mauricio@arenascr.com Tel (506)22441010

Costa Rica
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2016-07-27 15:52:52
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please send me the product and price list thanks navid Oslo Norway

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2016-07-27 15:40:15
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Hi, I wonder how this TV device. we are wanting to purchase a large quantity. is to send a demo to Brazil? Has the Portuguese Language? thanks e-mail: comercial@telusip.com.br

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2016-07-27 15:38:47
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kindly let me have full and detailed spec of your POS Regards Jafar

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2016-07-27 15:35:54
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I have shipment 14,5 CBM from f.o.b.shenzhen. I am looking for cheap sea freight to czech republic george cz.jiri.vanek@gmail.com

Czech Republic
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2016-07-27 15:35:00
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I am looking for a SIM Card Call through solution. Must support SMS Programming. Must work on iPhone 3GS and (if possible) iPhone 4 with microsim Could support SMS forwarding (SMS that come in and out of phone are sent to a SMS center) Do you have these? We are looking at orders of 1,000 each time. Need FOB pricing, specification and delivery time Please contact nigel.cannings@chaseits.co.uk urgently

United Kingdom
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2016-07-27 15:31:04
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we require all type of Furniture for Guestrooms and Public Areas for 7 Five star hotel Projects in Latvia, Morocco, Egypt and Syria.

Saudi Arabia
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2016-07-27 15:21:22
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Attention:Chairman/Ceo, I am Petrov Fedolov, I have a business brief which might interest you.Iam from Moscow Russia.Iam into crude oil refining,and mining. I will go straight to the point to ask for your cooperation to assist me transfer the sum of Fifty Two Million Euro (52 Million Euro) into your nominated account.Eight percent for your management consultancy fees,email me at(petrov_fedolov@hotmail.com) if you are interested. I await your urgent response Regards, Petrov Fedolov.

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2016-07-27 15:21:01
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We need an URGENT quote for a minimum of 100 000 toy footbags from mainland china to Johannesburg O R Tambo International Airport in South Africa. There are 348 boxes of footbags, made of recylcled plastic, weighing in at +- 870kg, How much would this cost, We need to place an urgent order with an air freighters. Please contact me at ashantikunene@yahoo.com Regards

South Africa
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2016-07-27 15:19:01
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