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United States
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2023-05-29 01:45:38
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Bonjour, je recherche un contrôleur de vitesse 36v / 700c / angle 120'Numéro 41300006.Avez vous cette référence ?

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2023-03-30 14:20:04
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Your help and fast response is much appreciated.

South Africa
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2023-03-24 13:37:42
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Please tell me the protection specifications

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2023-02-22 10:51:42
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I am in need of a controller that you make. I sent an image of the details on the controller to your chat thing but is no giving me a response. I can send you this image once you respond to this email Regards Phillip Casella Different Cycles

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2023-02-14 13:55:10
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Brush DC Motor Controller  36V / 500W like YKCH07-A1X

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2022-12-30 02:23:45
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Hi I have a child’s renegade electric bike and I need a 36 v 500w controler and twist rever for it can you help please
Parts for children electric bike

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2022-11-17 19:50:02
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je recherche le contrôleur moteur pour trottinette E RUN STREET

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2022-11-05 23:50:34
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Please send me detail product specification, thank you!je recherche le contrôleur moteur pour trottinette E RUN STREET

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2022-11-05 23:50:02
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Bonjour. Quelle  est le prix
Il m'en faut une

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2022-10-24 08:40:02
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S'il vous plaît envoyez-moi plus sur le prix du produit.

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2022-10-24 08:31:27
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Hello, I am interested in buying a Nanjing dmhc ebike controller type BDX03 (TC480 ld) for an old Batribike. If it helps I can send a pic.showing label details Can you please source this item & provide prices. Thank you ——Roy BREAKWELL

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2022-10-16 01:57:34
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Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Buenos días. Necesito comprar una batería para una bicicleta eléctrica. Muchas Gracias.
De acuerdo.

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2022-09-30 16:30:02
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Please provide me with more product details.

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2022-09-29 00:22:50
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Hola ando en búsqueda de un repuesto estoy en argentina y no se si podrían enviar a mi país..  se trata de controlador dmhc 48v 500w fat bike 18a  para pantalla tc485

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  • electric bicycle conversion kit/intelligent electric bicycle controller (DMHC-TC488 system)
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2022-09-13 23:30:24
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2022-08-07 22:58:02
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. I Would like to know if you ship to Sri Lanka? Regards, bernard.

New Zealand
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2022-07-06 14:51:09
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interested in  a buying a single kit  . whats the best website to buy your kit. thanks george

United States
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2022-06-13 01:49:37
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Bonjour J'ai acheté un fatbike richbit top 012 avec un système de contrôle vélo DMHC-TC488 qui est hs

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2022-04-21 21:51:13
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United Kingdom
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2022-03-18 21:20:01
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2022-03-14 20:58:44
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I want a speed control 48 volts 1300 watts (Serial number is 12000578) Electric scooter brand is doobe

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2022-02-17 21:49:58
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Hello, can you send me a photo of the wiring and how it is connected?

United States
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2022-02-17 14:10:02
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2022-02-14 12:34:06
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