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IP : 41.83.10.**
2021-12-04 10:59:31
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Hello, I have one question about you Antigen Test. Is it possible to use this Test only with spit? Like a spit test? Thank you very much, i am looking forward to you answer. Sabine Kauffmann

IP : 46.95.209.**
2021-12-01 20:20:19
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Good Day, you can offer to us COVID 9 tests for EU use ? Thanks

IP : 109.42.240.**
2021-11-25 20:56:15
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me 我们是一家德国的公司,我们想进口一批Hotgen测试剂,上面有ce 0123的,第一次订2万个(500盒),空运到法兰克福。 请问贵公司可以提供吗?

IP : 109.43.114.**
2021-11-20 08:25:41
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Dear Sirs, We would like to direct our inquiry to your company. Please let us know your contact details (inclunding) mail-address to info@stroebel-cs.de Thanks so much Brigitte Ströbel

IP : 5.182.91.**
2021-11-19 18:06:56
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Are you also selling the hotgen tests (antigen Corona)? What is your price? We are looking forward to your answer. Best regards Stefanie Bulk

IP : 91.249.198.**
2021-11-18 23:08:20
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Dear Sir or Madam, they provide the Hotgen Corona lay test, which is used in our company. The EAN code is: (01) 0 6970297 53407 3. Can you please tell me under which AT number it is listed on the bfarm list for approved tests? Is this test also available as a third party test ? What is this EAN code ?

IP : 93.198.97.**
2021-11-03 18:46:32
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I am based in Belgium and interested HOTGEN, Covid 19 Antigentest, to whom I can contact, Yalcin Sahankaya

IP : 178.51.183.**
2021-10-21 23:31:08
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Hi, you are listed on an EU list of covid-19 rapid antigen test providers. I can't find information about your tests on the website. Would you please send me information about them, pricing, and how to order?

United States
IP : 24.16.5.**
2021-09-23 00:29:24
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Hello. Im from Colombia. The owner of a company i work for wants to develop bonding processes, right now we are requesting some HANFOR machines for this. I would like to lnow about the tapes you offer for this process. The company makes clothes for cycling and i would like to use the best tape according to the garment composition: 81% polyester, 19% spandex. Please provide me with more product details.

IP : 186.169.149.**
2021-09-14 10:01:22
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Can you please send me a mail, I have a sales question for you

IP : 94.224.178.**
2021-09-02 04:56:15
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Dear Ms/Mr Can you quote me about Samsung EB-P1100 10.000 mAh Can you product for 1000pcs, with my logo Ms. Diễm Triều       0909 898 698       Công ty CP TT Quảng Cáo Song Hành  Add. Lầu 9, 57 Hồ Tùng Mậu, P. BN, Q.1, TP.HCM Tel.  028 39146 430 -   ext 27           sky: d.trieu

IP : 27.64.201.**
2021-09-01 12:39:11
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

IP : 210.186.26.**
2021-08-25 10:50:07
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Good day Ms zhang! I'm interested in purchasing the antigen rapid test kit for covid-19. I'm sure you can help us because I just found out that you are registered with WHO(world health organization) as one of the legitimate manufactures. It will be great pleasure doing business with you. contact details whattsapp 00267 76853770 or 3111272

Congo, The Republic of Congo
IP : 102.141.112.**
2021-08-05 23:51:16
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Dear Director, We are interested in your products. If your company can handle a bulk supply of your products to Cameroon, please contact us. Please forward copy of your reply to hrhbahmbi3@oepd.org Regards HRM Bah Mbi

IP : 5.253.204.**
2021-08-04 17:21:20
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We are a Point of Sale Terminal OEM based out of Mumbai, India. We are looking for pouch cells for our Point of Sale Terminal. The battery capacities that we are looking are 900mAh 3.7V and 3000mAh 7.4V. Could you please advise if SCUD has suitable products for us and how do we take this discussion forward?

IP : 49.36.121.**
2021-07-27 16:30:00
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Dear All, Please I need your help with a quatation, I try to take contact with your company by Alibaba but I didn't have a reply from you. I need to buy one container of PVC CLEAR SHEET with this spects: 0.08mm*1400mm*207m. I need to import it to Ecuador, please send me the PI to this email: vpazmino@pimex.com.ec This is my WhatsApp: 00593998902072 Awaiting for your comments, thank you. Regards, Verónica Pazmiño PIMEX

IP : 191.99.150.**
2021-07-08 09:56:14
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We are a slovak medical company. We would be interested in your antigenic tests against covid 19. please provide your export prices, payment conditions and possibility to get samples. in advance thank you. best regards. Dr Goran Vostok Medical Slovakia

Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
IP : 92.52.39.**
2021-07-06 07:48:49
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Please contact me I want to send you my RFQ for a sheet metal fab project.

IP : 223.206.58.**
2021-06-29 05:46:48
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Good day! My name is Svetlana and I'm working for Foods Delivery Company, Kiev Ukraine. We are looking for reliable suppliers (producers) for long term cooperation of nori! We would like to work permanently! Please write the terms of cooperation (payment, delivery) and price list Our company has been importing seafoods in Ukraine from 2015 for Asian restaurants and foodservice distribution (Chine, India, USA, Peru, Ecuador ets.). We have been distributing products in Ukraine for about 20 years. Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. Thank you in advance!

IP : 91.225.165.**
2021-06-23 17:19:06
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Please send me more about the product price.

IP : 41.222.181.**
2021-06-12 00:50:51
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Hi, please quote me for a 40'FCL FOB and CNF Sydney, of the following Stretch Hood spec : Product code - SHOOD-80UVS 1000mm + 800mm x 80um (1500m) 400kg rolls with UVS (120KLY)

IP : 139.218.14.**
2021-06-08 19:20:48
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Hello~ Good Afternoon! 我想咨询款 703048 3.7V 1100mAh lithium polymer battery 产品,若可以的话,还请帮忙确认并给与答复喔,盼复,谢谢! Best Regards, Cindy

South Korea
IP : 121.140.61.**
2021-05-04 13:48:14
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Subject: Chemical liquid in cotton buds/Q-tips of the self-testing set "Hotgen Coronavirus antigen-test" To whom it may concern Your self-tests "Hotgen SARS-CoV-2-antigen-tests" contain a cotton-bud/Q-tip for taking a medical smear test (you apply it in your alar wing of your nose). This Q-tip contains a certain, undefined liquid and I would like to know which chemical substance you are using currently for these cotton-buds. There is no special annotation in your package insert. Thank you for your help and your reply to my question! Yours sincerely, Mrs. Nicole Höflinger-Häfele

United States
IP : 93.238.206.**
2021-04-29 17:53:33
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