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Being a climate conscious person, I want to know the quantity of gaseous emission your maize milling machine emits per minute.

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2023-05-25 07:08:35
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I am interested in the grass seeds such as 830kg for Festuca rubra and 915 kg for Elymus dahurica. Do you have those types of grass seeds and how much is it in each species? Can you provide me with the Origin Certificate and Phytosanitary certificate?

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2023-05-05 19:52:31
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I am interested in importing these feeders for pigs, could you send me their specifications, such as the materials they are made of, for what age of the pig they are used and what their cost is already in Mexico City

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  • Stainless Steel Double Side Pig Feeder from HENAN LYNNE MACHINERY CO., LTD
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2023-05-04 03:22:55
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  • Diesel Remote Control Grass Cutter Machine Price In India
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2023-05-03 08:20:04
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Hi, I'm looking for White Metal Wire Magazine Rack for Store. Please contact me on Wechat  Lech Downar

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  • Xiamen Displayart Co., Ltd - China display rack &shelf, store fixtures facotry,supplier & exporter
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2023-05-02 05:38:34
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United States
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2023-05-02 05:22:26
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Agricultural armtractor side flail mower ,, price please

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  • China Agricultural arm PTO tractor side flail mowers for sale
United States
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2023-04-13 14:40:02
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Dear Manufacturer! We are a Hungarian service company. One of our customers bought a BY800 machine, production number 021218433. My customer is now asking me if I can help him buy a hydraulic motor for this machine. That's why I'm looking for you. Please reply by e-mail, because there I can also send photos of the part you are looking for. I await your feedback. Thanks. László Németh

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2023-04-13 00:31:45
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I have problem with GR-8007A-L196 ( garden tiller) i need some parts

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2023-04-03 16:20:05
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?hı

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2023-04-02 20:00:02
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Please provide me with more product details.

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2023-03-28 21:58:27
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This is A. Pepper Designs in Pittsburgh PA USA. I hope all is well there. You have made wire grids and nose pieces previously for us. I was inquiring on an order for 1500 of the NMS60 and 9000 of the NMS 10 pc nose pieces. Can you still make them for us? What is price and delivery for an order like this. Please advise and hope all is well. Alan R. Pepper

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  • Xiamen Displayart Co., Ltd - China display rack &shelf, store fixtures facotry,supplier & exporter
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2023-03-27 23:00:45
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about drones....

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  • 17L Battery Helicopter spraying pesticide Agriculture Machine Drone Sprayer
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2023-03-24 13:48:51
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HelloI'm very interested in your no stress control system; could you send me some detail 2 Unit Order with shipping to Germany  for information?Gruß Andreas

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  • industrial wood chipper shredder with no stress control system
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2023-03-23 02:14:25
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Hello. We are from the Czech Republic - supplier of machinery and equipment for food processing companies and for processors of agricultural products. For our customer we need a machine for mechanical sorting of apples similar to the competitor model Greefa 3A (see video).  Output in 8 hours about 25tons. Please give me a quotation for the equipment, if possible, in addition to washing, brushing and waxing as an option. Do you also have any plum pitting machine on offer? Thank you in advance for any message you may have. www.foodtech.cz

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  • REEMOON apple sorting machines, size sorting, color sorting, apple sorting sizer and grading equipment
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2023-03-13 12:47:53
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Good day Mr Sunny, I'm interested in your product,if you could send me more data I appreciate this. I will like to know more with the Model YW-260. If operate by electric, what are the output current? Kindly advise. Kindly send me a quote with CIF to Port Klang, Malaysia. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards.

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  • multifunction corn / maize sheller thresher used in africa
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2023-03-09 01:27:34
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Please send me catalogue

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2023-03-07 00:22:35
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  • REEMOON Mandarin sorting machines, Mandarins sorting sizer and grading equipment Citrus sorting machines, size sorting, color sorting, Citrus sorting sizer and grading equipment
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2023-03-05 19:10:07
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looking for rice sorting machine send me all the dtails

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2023-03-01 17:58:23
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to the sales department. price and catalog request. Hello We want to buy a trial batch. interested in the price of the product. 1)_  Transmission Jack 500 kilograms and 1000 kilograms      tool box for 5 trays and 6 trays          Shop Press  10 and 12 and 15 and 20 tons      engine crane  1000 kilograms and 1500 kilograms and 2000 kilograms     floor jack rolling 2000 kilograms and 3000 kilograms

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2023-02-15 21:28:15
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We should be obliged if you would forward fuller details of the range together with your current price-list quoting terms for overseas delivery and terms of cooperation.

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2023-02-13 23:16:02
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I would like a quote for the hand tractor ditcher
The gear box size is 14cm by 14cm.

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2023-02-10 16:00:03
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  • ox drawn seeder/fertilizer,ox drawn single row maize planter,animal drawn seeder,manual seeder,manual planter,hand push seeder
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2023-02-07 04:30:02
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?And contact person details

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2023-02-01 16:14:48
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