Inquiry about Gensci Jintropin-china Jintropin supplier

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Inquiry about Gensci Jintropin-china Jintropin supplier
  • David turner
  • ******
  • 37.135.*.*
  • 2017-03-06 15:16:54
  • Superior Pharma
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Inquiry about Gensci Jintropin-china Jintropin supplier2017-03-06 15:16:54
Hello Mr. Hugo
 My name is David Turner.  I am located in British Columbia Canada.  I am in the business of anabolic steroid manufacture and sales.   I have come across your website while searching for new top quality raw hormone and HGH suppliers.   I am very interested in seeing a list of your products and a list of the prices that accompany these products.  I am placing a new order for products this week and expect to spend around 1000$ to 2500$ to reload some of my products that I am running low on.    I was  using the YC Group for the past year for my raws but they have dropped the ball on their shipping so I have switched to using ChemBJ however I am curious to see who else is out there and what they offer as far as prices and products.   I am In need of some high quality branded or unbranded HGH kits and HCG kits.  Clenbuterol tablets, T3 tablets, MK-677 powder , trenbolone powder , masteron powder, nandrolone powder, testosterone powder, anavar powder , winstrol powder ,Dbol powder, Equipoise liquid, and some others.    I was curious if you offer Pharma grade finished ampules or just raws.     Please let me know about your prices and shipping policy.  

Thank you! 
David Turner
Superior Health Products  LTD. 
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