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I would like to purchase this item.Please contact me. JCTT Gearbox CODE: XH30.182Z.01L R = 1/1.92

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2019-05-21 02:44:50
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Dear ,i have need cat e70b RV Gear Assy 35t=20pcs and 11/22teeth swing pinion shaft 20pcs,30a coupling=50pcs,30as coupling=50pcs,50a coupling=50pcs,14teeth coupling=20pcs,15teeth coupling=20pcs,.please give me your wholesale lowest price. thanking by Ali Ashraf Dhaka-1216,Bangladesh. email:aliashrafbog@gmail.com whatsap+wechat+cell +8801717938889

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  • cycloid gear/RV gear/cycloid disk
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2019-02-17 01:44:42
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Dear Team, This is William – Unigen Buyer from Vietnam. Nice to contact with you. Currently, we have new project which use Cable Tie and Nut parts from your company and would like to get your offer for part list as below: Description Metal COPPER SHEET,T=1.0mm,FOR TTI P/N:634569001 NI-PLATED P105 HEATSINK AL (TTI NO.634568001)T=3.0mm,H=40.0mm It’s rather tight deadline, so thanks so much if you can meet this time. PJT Information Project name TTIG Name of end customer TTi Group - Techtronic Industries Co.,Ltd Product application: Hand tools NPI schedule: Q4/2018 MP schedule: Q1/2019 Production location: Unigen Vietnam Hanoi Team : FOB Thanks & Best regards, Together We Can Make Better Tomorrow ---------------------------------------------------- William Tran (Mr.) Senior Purchasing Executive – SCM Dept. UNIGEN VIETNAM HANOI CO., LTD. No 11, Street 8, VSIP, Bac Ninh Province. Email: william.tran@unigen.com Tel: +84 (222) 3.765.438 Mobile: +84(0)868.05.10.90 Skype: william.tran@unigen.com

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  • Jianhu Haisheng Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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2018-10-17 16:36:22
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I am looking for a supplier of metal or plastic precision gears with M 0.15 - M0.4 ... is it possible to get samples of: - spur gears M0.15, M0.2, M0.3, M0.4, different teeth numbers (9,10,11,12,15,17,20,25,30,40,50 -- as available) - worm gears M0.15, M0.2, M0.3, M0.4 - bevel gears (different modules, different teeth number, 9,10,11,13,15,20) - some double spur gears (different modules, different combination of teeth numbers) in total i am looking for 1000-5000 sample items (100-200 worms, 400-2000 spurs, 200-1000 bevels, 300-2000 double spurs) please let me know if something like this is possible and estimated price + shipping to slovenia (EU)

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  • m0.15-m0.4 series precise metal gear
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2018-08-22 03:03:57
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