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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Hello, pls offer us the price with: V6 Handle Veterinary ultrasound portable ultrasound scanner
qty 01pc

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2020-03-30 16:50:02
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2020-03-16 13:27:42
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Paperless recorder GP10 Order No.: GP10-1E1F/MT/US30/AS

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2020-03-16 13:25:08
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Would you send me a product sample before I place an order?

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2020-03-15 03:18:58
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please my contac..00905342402138

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2020-03-13 22:19:39
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Dear Sir/ Madam I would like to introduce to you that we are based in United Kingdom(UK) registered with the registry of companies under the company Law Act under the registered number (01388102). We are interested in buying from your valued company Laboratory products,Medical,glassware,microscopes as per our below website. But first we need to place our first order for: 1.Laboratory electronic balances-2100g/0.1g=15000pcs And shipping them to Kampala-Uganda where we have the big market. BADIANI AND COMPANY LIMITED is used as the NOTIFY PARTY and the Kampala-Uganda Branch is used as the CONSIGNEE. So i will be pleased to receive your reply by quoting for us prices of the above CIF transportation to Mombasa Kenya seaport, East-Africa. Since we are basically interested in purchasing huge volumes of those items.Therefore we are interested in starting business relationship with your company by adding us to some of your products on your supply line. could you confirm if you ready to work on this order under payment of 100% o/A (open accounts with insurance credit) /Export credit insurance payment by T.T 45 Days,60DAYS,120DAYS from bill of lading day. we have to send you our company financials for the Last three years for you the take to SINO SURE GUARANTEE THIS ORDER. We are sure our company can be guaranteed by SINO SURE since we have good receivables, good credit rating and reputable with a good record in United Kingdom where we are based. Upon your advice we shall be sending our detailed company information including audited financials for the last three years for your onward transmission to SINO SURE Vat IDS/CERTIFICATE and other registration documents. its Sino Sure insurance company to investigate our credit worthiness and Guarantee this order plus ratings. Awaiting your response. Regards, ALFRED ROBIN MANANGER SALES Badiani And Company Limited 54 Istead Rise, Northfleet, Kent, DA13 9JF Tel | Mobile | Whatsapp :+447404633323 Email:procurement@badianiandcompany.co.uk Website:www.badianiandcompany.co.uk

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2020-03-11 18:52:05
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Hi, I would like to check on any local distributor for GD-260 Petroleum Products Water Content Tester. We need to do yearly maintenance & calibration. Do let me know if any further information required.

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2020-03-04 15:52:13
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?hello, I have a suitcase of you, broken the plate zone "A" can give me price or if I can buy a suitcase to you.

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2020-03-03 14:30:02
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?

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2020-02-25 20:12:14
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Hi, We have requirement of Large Vernier for scale of 1500 mm with conical attachment. Kindly share us the quote or send me your mail id so that i can share you my actual requirement. my Mail id is pushkarpatel@pmealtd.com

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2020-02-23 20:48:29
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I would like to know more about the product and prices.

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2020-02-21 15:12:05
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We need product catalogue for Ethylene, Co2, temp, humidity controller

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2020-02-21 15:04:43
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Ethylene Monitoring And Controling Device 411

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2020-02-14 21:00:02
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hi, Please quote for following 1Pcs each 1)YOKOGAWA CORIOLIS MASS FLOW METER Transmitter MFG: YOKOGAWA:RCCF31-DH2A/KF1/BG/IE1 MFG: YOKOGAWA:D1S501224 2)METER ( SENSOR) YOKOGAWA ROTAMASS FLOW METER RCCS39/IR MFG: YOKOGAWA:RCCS39/IR-A15A2SL/KS1/BG/HT/S2/V2 MFG: YOKOGAWA:D1S501223 3)Transmitter. Micro Motion Coriolis 2-wire MVD Transmitter MFG: MICRO MOTION:2200SIK11GZEZZZ MFG: MICRO MOTION:14465608 4)METER/SENSOR. TAG:FT-3081 MAKE: MICRO MOTION FLOW MFG: MICRO MOTION:CMF300M425NJAZEZZZ MFG: MICRO MOTION:14465608 Thanks & Regards For: Hussaini Enterprises --------------------------------------------- B-264, Block A North Nazimabad, Karachi 74700 Pakistan Tel: +92-21-3667 0315 Fax: +92-21-3667 0314 www.hussainient.com

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2020-02-07 15:53:44
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South Korea
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2020-02-07 10:17:41
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Saludo desde Ecuador
Necesito saber más detalles del GPS CHCNAV

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2020-02-07 08:00:02
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I would like to know more about the product and prices.

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2020-01-28 15:35:38
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Hello Dear friend, This is ASHKAN from ACAM MADAR Ltd. Co. from IRAN. We are expert in ultrasonic in line flow meter and produced in our country and we have a lot of customer in this field. We interested to have clamp on flow meter also and add to our products. If you wanna have good cooporation please contact us with my email: ashkan.shafiee.sut@gmail.com tel/whats app: +98 912 3853463 Skype: ashkan.shafiee.sut Wechat: ashkan.shafiee Please provide us with a quotation. Thank you. Please provide us with a quotation. Thank you.

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2020-01-28 15:31:38
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Hi, I am Tamas from GT Solar company from Hungary. We sell home brew products and alcohol distilling equipments 8 years ago. i would like to buy similar products. Do you sen me a cataloge amd price list? Thanks

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2020-01-22 20:21:54
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United States
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2020-01-20 17:07:40
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Do you have Soil ph npk nutrient tester

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2020-01-17 15:12:25
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Dear Sales Department I will thank you send us an offer as soon as possible for Qty: 2 each Mass corioliss Rotomass Flowmeter, Mfr: Yokogawa Sensor model RCCS39-A-10-A2-HC K5 P2 Transmitter model RCCF31-A-H2-A X1 P2 Cable model RCCY033-1-L030 Size: 4" class300, hastelloy with calibration certificate Best Regards Claudio González A General Manager AVB Technologies Ltda. Phone: +56 041-2133872 - móvil: 9-90781028 Country: Chile claudiogonzalez@avb-tech.cl | www.avb-tech.cl

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2020-01-14 02:58:24
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We need flask shaker kindly send quotation with freight

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2020-01-07 22:28:46
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?Hi,What is the price of 1 TL-600 meter with USB data cable, CD and hard case delivered to Poland ?

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2020-01-05 19:50:02
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