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Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Adam and I represent OOO KOMPANIYA YUSTAS. We are a trading company that deals with different kinds of metals, alloys, ores etc. As for now we are looking for a solid Bismuth supplier. We are aiming to purchase bismuth ingots in the amount of 10mt. The specification of Bismuth we'd like to purchase is listed below: Bi - 99,98 min. Cu - 0,0001% Ag - 0,00002% As - 0,00007% Fe - 0,001% Cd - 0,00005% Total impurities - 0,02% Would you be so kind as to tell us the price of 1mt. EXW? Also we would like to know what criteria our company should meet in order to do business with you. We hope to establish a fruitful business relation with your company. Best wishes! Yours sincerely, Adam Marketing Analyst

Russian Federation
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2023-05-31 14:32:08
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2023-05-28 02:14:36
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Dear Sir / Madam, Do you have 15-5PH steel with ESR processed? Regards Latif Tastan

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2023-05-24 21:12:06
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we are looking for aluminum scrap 15 tons. our fob price 950-1000$. what'sapp us  .

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2023-05-15 05:26:12
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Would you send me a product sample before I place an order? pl also share minimum order size & price quotation.

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2023-05-11 20:16:24
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-05-03 17:31:14
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diatomaceous earth demand We are wanting diatomaceous earth from freshwater sources (at least 90% amorphous silica with less than 1% crystalline silica). Around 325 mesh. We do look at the diatom species and generally prefer the tube/barrel shaped ones, although the species of diatom is less important than the oil absorption capacity (note that the tube/barrel shaped frustules seem to impart higher oil absorption). The oil absorption test is one that we do (an in-house method), and we find that it's best examined by comparing samples (side by side comparison) because otherwise, there is room for interpretation. Obviously, we were hoping for a low price, otherwise, we will simply keep using our current supplier (they supply very high-quality diatomaceous earth). 

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2023-04-14 17:53:54
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Hello,We need raw material.Pls send a message on whatsapp to meHassan

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2023-04-05 03:30:02
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me Inspection Certificate of your products.
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!
Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.Good afternoon, I am interested in CoCrW powder for 3D printing. We need 1000 Tons of this powder. Our target price is 12$/kg. How long would production of this Volume take and is the price possible? With high Regards, Bogdan Gnatenko

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2023-04-05 02:30:05
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Hi, I would be interested in metal Mn below 5 microns, is it  aproduct you produce ? Thank you Noiret

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2023-03-22 05:51:17
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Gostaria de receber o catalago de seus produtos.

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2023-03-18 23:26:47
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Good day! Can you offer Zr 702 Foil 0.6 x 500 mm, qty: 5 meters

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2023-03-14 20:25:04
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High pure metal niobium Nb powder

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2023-03-11 09:30:41
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Good afternoon, a representative of the Russian company LLC ENERGO OIL is writing to you. We need a TO-5-8pin header. We need a large volume - from 100 000 to 1 000 000 pieces per month

Russian Federation
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2023-03-01 19:24:08
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2023-02-14 00:09:57
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I want to buy ppgi coils

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2023-02-07 20:20:02
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Please send me more about the product price.pet for Nigeria country CIF

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2023-01-18 22:15:53
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Good day; I am interested in purchasing some Organic Germanium 132. Could you please send me the price for 250 gr of Organic Germanium 132? Also, could you give me an estimate on how much it would cost to deliver it to Brisbane Australia? Thank you for your valuable time. All the best. Please send me more about the product price.

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2023-01-04 14:51:28
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?

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2022-12-20 22:38:17
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Need actuator pole for unlocking 4 th tier container unlocking. Quote me best possible price.

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2022-12-08 06:10:02
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Good Morning.I would like to know more about your magnesium photoengraving plate.We are a company based in South Africa.My direct cell number .Please feel free to contact me directly via WhatsApp. Regards Wayne

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2022-11-14 17:17:20
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

United Arab Emirates
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2022-11-08 22:00:39
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I need graphite electrode

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2022-11-01 13:30:01
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Мне нужно электрод графитивой

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2022-11-01 13:20:02
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