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How to reset password for parameter settings in machine VFFS

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2019-06-17 19:40:01
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2019-06-17 18:30:01
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How to reset login password in model JW-L4230 machine if password forgotten?
We have one old machine model JW-L4230 VFFFS machine and we don't know password. In manual it's 888888 but it's doesn't work.

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2019-06-17 18:20:01
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Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! I am Billy from Indonesia. We are a trading company for food packaging machines in Indonesia. Currently we are looking for small sachet vffs for packing sweetener @ 1gr/sachet. Product is powder (free-flowing), and sachet is W50 mm x L75 mm. May I know if you have suitable machine for this purpose? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Best regards, Billy

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2019-06-17 16:43:25
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Hi Ms. Doudy Yu, My Name is Mario Rodi and I am writing from Sydney Australia. I wish to purchase an aluminium capping machine for wine bottles and I believe that the ‘ DK-50 Model Semi-auto Wine bottles aluminium caps threading capping machine ‘ would be ideal for that purpose. I spoke to you earlier on your mobile and you suggested I send you an email. The price range for this machine shown on the web is $335.00-$450.00 and an earlier enquiry from your company indicates that the shipment cost to Australia by TNT is USD345. Can you please confirm the best possible price including shipment to Sydney Australia so that a formal order can be made. Kind Regards, Mario Rodi

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2019-06-13 09:21:59
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Bogotá, junio 10 /2019 Señores: Dalian Altma Industry Co., Ltd. Atte.: Sr. Frank Wang No.36, North FuQuan Road,Economic and Technological Development Zone Dalian,Liaoning Cel.: 86-411-85890007 E-mail: Bogotá Estimado Sr. Frank Wang Regards, With the present is to send a cordial greeting, We are a company specialized in representing and importing machines for plastic industry, we note that you are going to come to the ANDINA PARK fair and they will be in pavilion 4 stand 523ª. I would like to know if you have a representative for Colombia and if you do not have it I would like to offer you my services as a representative for Colombia and if you are interested I could accompany you from the exhibition at the fair as your representative. Any question do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Bernabé González Mora Gerente General Cel.: 3209508994

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2019-06-11 01:05:38
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We need a new Hitachi PLC for our Asahi AP1600 129-1990,

South Africa
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2019-06-07 15:19:18
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Looking for egg tray making machine
Looking for egg tray making machine
Email me or what'sapp

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2019-06-02 19:50:01
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Automatic Scrap Baling Press Ab120,please send me a quatation?

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2019-05-30 13:14:37
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We are into Corrugated Boxes manufacturing in India. Now, looking for Grey/Hard Board manufacturing. We are looking for 1000 mm deckle, 4 / 6 layers, and production upto 20 MT per day

United States
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2019-05-28 22:21:52
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Please send me a catalogue & prices.

New Zealand
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2019-05-28 12:18:14
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CE Qualified Box Type Recycling Scrap Metal Hydraulic Shear Machine Good Morning,I am Robert from Metalco Recyclers Ltd, New Zealand. I will be in China early June .Is it possible to visit your factory as I am interested in your Metal Container Shear. Can you send more information on the model sizes and prices please. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Robert Ofsoski Metalco Recyclers,New Zealand

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2019-05-26 12:05:42
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Hi Please i would like to know the prices of a complete rice processing plant in terms of tons/day from the lowest to the highest in your product line. Thank you

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2019-05-24 08:34:26
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Hi My name is joe from Camerooni am interresting by your camphor packing machinepleased send me quote

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2019-05-23 19:00:01
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hi send me price of the SRFM-900thanks guja

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2019-05-22 12:55:25
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quote best pricesThomas

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2019-05-18 01:10:01
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Hiplease quite fob for syringe loader...needle.loader...Blister Packing Machine...printer
Hiplease quite fob for syringe loader...needle.loader...Blister Packing Machine...printer

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2019-05-18 01:00:02
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hello,are you selling botox?

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2019-05-16 06:08:55
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc. Specific details on face mask production

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2019-05-15 19:41:18
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I would like to purchase 20kg semi auto bagging machine for granular urea. Please email me at abv for further spec and details from us

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2019-05-10 09:40:02
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I need this kategory product and can you give me price information and delivery date Кат.№: DK-98-IIA_2rows8hole DK-98-IIA 2 rows/8 holes Water Bath,220V/50HZ with EU plug Водяная баня DK-98-IIA, крышка с 8 отверстиями/ в 2 ряда, 220В/50Гц с евроразъемом. Внешний корпус, внутренний бак и крышка изготовлены из высококачественной нержавеющей стали. Интеллектуальный температурный контроллер с ПИД программами, двойной цифровой дисплей, таймер (0-9999мин), операция с фиксированным значением, защита от перегрева, блокировка меню. Кол-во мест/рядов: 8 мест/2 ряда. Напряжение: 220В/50 Гц. Мощность: 2000 Вт. Колебание температур: ±0.5°С. Диапазон температур: + 5оС от комнатной температуры до 100°С. Чувствительность: < ±1°С. Погрешность отображения: < ±2.5°С. Объём рабочий: 25 л. Внутренний размер: 635х325х120 мм. Внешний размер: 825х380х190 мм. Размеры с упаковкой: 870х480х235 мм. Вес без упаковки: 9 кг. Вес с упаковкой: 10 кг.

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2019-05-07 13:52:50
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I'm writing in regards to AGRI TECH INDIA 2019 we would like to submit a proposal for stand construction and design to your organisation for this event We at Cross concept have been serving organisations such as yours for past 15 years with exhibition stand design, construction, Graphics and kiosks if you could kindly share the stand requirements and floor plan we can present you with a proposal Gayathri Krishna Marketing Officer T: +971 4 457 9339 ext 115 | M: +971 56 910 6991 E: gayathri@crossconceptuae.com www.crossconceptuae.com

United Arab Emirates
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2019-05-06 14:27:46
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Good day!My name is Kirill.I am from Uzbekistan and we have ACZ-A Small 4 Head Linear Weigher.We want to make packing of sunflower seeds. Is it possible with this equipment, or do we need something else?With best regards, Kirill Meneger of Biznes Aziya Co.

Russian Federation
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2019-04-30 18:32:42
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I'm interested in your product,if you could send me more data I appreiciate this. I use to buy film in master roll of 600 mts and 1200 mts, i have interest in your films and machine, please send me more information, and if you can add me to your Whattapps +(503)7769-5191 Thanks in advance Manuel Carranza

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2019-04-30 10:44:48
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