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Hello, This is Alex Miller. I’m reaching out in behalf of my boss. We have an inquiry about 5mm micro perforated sheet with the following specifications: - 0.5mm Stainless steel sheet/ any rigid material - Hole Diameter: 0.5 mm or less - Pitch: 1.5 mm minimum to 10mm maximum - Standard Sheet Size: 1m x 2m If so, may I know your pricing for this? And how much it would cost to have this shipped in the US? We need a sample or two to start, then maybe 100 later.

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  • Anping County Anlida Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd
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2023-04-03 22:39:47
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Hello, My name is Debi and I work in the motion picture industry, in the costume department for films. I am currently working on a major motion picture and I am interested in the Maonan stainless steel wire mesh cut resistant gloves (model number 012, color: silver) to use in our movie on several of our actors. Is this product available to ship to the US and do you have inventory? We would need approximately 20 gloves, sizes med-xxl. Please reply to this inquiry so we can proceed. Thank you

United States
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2018-09-25 06:19:09
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Dear sirs pleaselet me know if you can produce fence panel without folds. Wire diameter 5mm, mesh size 50x200mm. Panel Size 2000mm x 2500mm. Gal pvc coated.thank you Pavel Fiser

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  • wire mesh fence strainer for cattle fence
Czech Republic
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2018-03-21 19:12:43
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