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Please provide me with more product details. Please go reply to my WeChat questions.

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2023-09-13 02:51:46
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We require 11 Link boxes 36kv , 3xsingle core 240sqmm with 1x120sqmm earthing cable .Please send us your technical specs so we can choose.Best RegardsColin Portway

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2023-08-06 01:45:13
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We have a requirement for a Coaxial Plenum cable. Kindly mail us 

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2023-06-09 21:02:06
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2023-04-24 17:24:01
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Please send me more about the product price. Please send your WeChat. I need ccam in 0,18 and 0,22 mm 15%cooper Ccs in 0,16 mm 15% cooper. Tks

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2023-04-21 03:33:18
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I am looking for windows driver of this product. Can you please help me to find ? Thank you BR

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2023-04-01 00:10:33
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2G+4G 10Mbps/5Mbps 4G Cat.1 LTE Module A7672G SIMCom

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2023-03-27 18:41:31
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Dear, We are in need of 605MCM Cable Size per km for 230kV Line. Warmest Regards Dr. Aung Kyaw Htoo @ Nik Anderson Business Development Manager Shwe Myoh Energy Engineering Co.,Ltd (MYANMAR) 

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2023-03-24 09:42:38
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2023-03-10 01:50:15
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2023-03-04 12:42:50
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Good morning. Could you help us with a quote for the cable that is attached in the table below? Thanks in advance. Cable 4 cores, type 6kV F-PNCT, 38mm2 nominal section area, 17.000/10 testing voltage , 9mm diameter conductor, 7/34/0,45 TA diameter of wire, 0,5 mm thick of semiconductive layer, 4,5 mm thick of rubber insulation, 0,25 mm thick of semiconductive rubber tape, red, White or blue, 0,25 mm thick of reinforcement.

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2023-02-23 23:13:33
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We are looking for ADSS Fibre 200m Span

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2023-01-30 20:23:41
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I am looking for high temp: Silicone Wire - 28AWG 65/46 0.085mm2Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, White and Yellow.Do you send samples at all, please?

United Kingdom
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2022-11-21 17:30:03
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I am looking for high temp silicone wire 28AWG 0.085mm2

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2022-11-21 17:27:17
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-11-02 23:09:31
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Hello, Good Morning, I have a small requirement, total 3000 meter

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2022-11-02 11:48:32
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-10-17 16:52:32
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I would like to obtain a quote for the Bobolink (2400meters) and Pelican (4800meters) cable meeting CSA 49.2 specification.

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2022-09-23 13:33:18
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This is not what we are looking for: 1. Cat5e. 2. Cable external diameter must be no larger than 4.2mm. 3. The cable should have at least 2 twisted pairs. 4. The conductor cores should be stranded copper 26awg (supporting Cat5e). 5. The cable should have shielding. Aluminum foil shielding is acceptable. 6. CE cerification for length of 100meters. 7. Suitable for outood use and Bendable. 8. Cable jacket should be made of FRZH-PU. 9. The cable should be balck. 10. The text on jacket should include "Cat5e" and company name "Vidisco LTD". 11. The cables should be packed in rolls of at least 100m each.

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2022-08-05 18:22:59
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Russian Federation
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2022-01-31 23:47:27
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I am Ex Siemens Engineer, Looking for Cable Joints and Terminations for 12KV Systems.If you have type Test Report?

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2021-12-19 22:07:30
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thanks by names am called BUKENYA HARUNAH of BUKENYA GROUP UGANDA .am interested in making business with your company with armored cables which are needed by ministry of energy Uganda.if you can supply us contact us back BUKENYA HARUNAH +256758077090 bukenyagroup@gmail.com www.bukenyagroup.com

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2021-11-06 16:25:37
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Dear Sales Team, After we reviewed your advertisement on the website, We are interested in your product and we would like to know more information about Tratosflex power CBU cable with spek : - TSCGEWOU 3x25+2x25/2+(8x2,5) - Extruded Screen - Rating Voltage 6/10 KV Medium Voltage (MV) - Maximum Permanent Tensile Load 3000N - Maximum Dynamical Tensile Load During Acceleration Process - Lengths is 100 Meters Please kindly send me the catalog of your product and also the list of the price. We wish our email as soon as possible will be replied. Thank you, Best Regards, Raka Wahyu PT. TIMMAX NUSANTARA Plaza Amsterdam Blok B50 Sentul City, Bogor 16810 INDONESIA Ph +62-21 -8796-4339 Fx +62-21-8796-4339 HP. 0898-8498-488 .

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2021-06-28 12:34:30
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Dear Sir, We are from Singapore, looking for the 4x95+2x25mm2 ABC Cable 25000 meters for our new project. please quote your best price list for us. Waiting for your reply. Purchase Manger--chesterr

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2021-06-18 14:40:56
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