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  • bamboo weaving knitting machine / bamboo curtain knitting machine / Related Keywords reed screen machine
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2023-06-01 05:00:02
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I would like to know more about the product and prices. As well as the Wide belt sander and the hot press. My name is Hernán Villanueva and with my brother we run a sawmill in Argentina and we are interested in buying a finger and panel line. Thank you, regards.

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2023-05-31 06:48:49
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How much ?
I’m thinking of beginning small manufacturing of broom handles

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2023-05-15 04:00:03
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I’m am requesting a price for a uv sprayer line

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2023-05-14 21:20:02
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inquiry for the mushroom bag crushing machine

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2023-05-12 15:24:24
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i need operations manual of SD3025SV My number machine 10584428 thanks

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2023-05-05 07:22:10
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Please give me a pdf of the device details.

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2023-04-21 11:34:30
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Hi we Just Bought a Vacuum Membranes Press Machine, So we are looking for the PVC Foils Could you send me a Price List

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  • High grade Vacuum membrane press machine for MDF door cabinet PVC foil vacuum hot press machine
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2023-04-21 09:26:32
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2023-04-18 19:00:02
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Respecteds, I am Dragan from Serbia. I am interested in woodworking machines and that: 1. Machine for making round wooden filaments.     The diameter of the filament is 2.5 mm. The type of wood we     make from filament is beech. 2. Tongue depressor cutting machine.     The dimensions of the depressor are 150x18x1.6 mm.    What is the FOB price, terms of payment and delivery time.      I thank in advance. Dragan Radijičić: WhatsApp

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2023-04-01 15:48:48
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Please provide me with more product details.

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2023-03-29 16:20:23
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I would like to know more about the product and prices.

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2023-03-28 09:29:03
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2023-03-22 21:57:14
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I need a link to see how machine works and details of maintenance/service people in Sydney Australia.

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  • Economic type High-quailty Fully automatic FXF250-P Numerical control spraying machine for board/cabinet/door/glass
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2023-03-20 17:15:32
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Dear Sirs&Mdms, Want ask you about the technical support representative office in the any CIS counries, do you have ? Hope to soon reply BRGDS               Alexander

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2023-03-20 14:12:18
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Good afternoon, please tell us the cost of the following equipmentHigh Pressure Pump Cat Pumps Model 231 (UK)Limited, Model №E07097,Serial №E070971, Pressure (Bar)- 105, Flow Rate (l/min)- 6, Pump speed (RPM)- 1190,Liquid Temp (C)- 1 to 40. - 1 pieceBased on pump model 231. The working fluid is demineralized water.Electric motor aggregated with pump:Model M2AA100 LC-6, CL F,IP-55.50 Hz,950 rpm, 3.6 A, 1.5 kW, 415v (asterisk),3G AA103212-ASE,008,002,№3GE13612000180 IM2101

Russian Federation
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2023-03-14 14:50:02
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Router bits fot woodworking

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2023-03-07 12:20:00
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Hello, my company is VELDIMEX, doo, Pirot, Serbia. I am a dealer of woodworking machines and panel materials on the Serbian market. Send me an email with your best offer for multi head 4 axis cnc 3d wood furniture carving machine, please, Send me the technical specifications and a link to the video presentation. Best regards.

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2023-03-04 23:06:14
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2023-03-03 03:00:03
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Need a dryer to dry corn stover at the rate of 7,300 kg/h with 40% moisture. The moisture at the outlet is 1% moisture. what size of rotary kiln you recommend and provide me with a quote by using indirect heat source of steam, fuel gas, or electricity.

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2023-02-28 03:30:45
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Hi Emma, How are you? This is Jay Cristobal again of DF Reyno Properties and Development Corporation. To refresh you, We purchased the following machines (1) Edge Bander with Pre Milling and (2) 1325 Loading and Unloading CNC Machine to your company way back in September of 2017. 

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2023-02-16 14:07:03
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2023-02-14 15:33:04
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hello could you provide a 4 sided machine for round poles.?

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2023-02-13 16:25:21
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2023-02-12 09:34:55
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