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CNC-EB700L/90A Serial Number.ACPA2413EBL

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2023-04-17 18:02:53
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NiHao Dear Friend Good Day! Hope you are fine and doing well. Taking this opportunity, we are pleased to send you below inquiry: ANTIMONY Ingot - Purity: 99.65% (min) - Arsenic (As) = 0.10% (max) - Sulfur (S) = 0.10% (max) - Lead (Pb) = 0.20% (max) - Other Elements (Iron, Copper, Tin, Silver & Nickel = 0.10% (maximum each) Quantity: 13 Ton We shall be highly obliged 

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2023-04-12 15:28:49
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My name is Chung in S.Korea. I use your motor in injection machine of LSMtron. I want to buy a YWG180L3-6L motor. please send me price and delivery.

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2023-04-09 14:05:43
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Please send me more about the product price. 3phase induction motor YWG180L3-6L

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2023-04-06 07:48:08
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Dear Mr.  We are interested in your product graphite foam. Could you send me a datasheet about the properties of your graphite foam please? What are the typical dimensions of the graphite foam blocks / boards? Do you deliver purified graphite foam material and what is the purity level in ppm? Best regards, Jens Uhlmann Supply Chain Management Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH

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2023-02-17 19:01:32
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The Front Heater in my unit FIR-022L has stopped working. Please supply me with a contact info where i may order this part? Thank you for your time.

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2023-01-31 02:30:09
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2023-01-17 05:02:39
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc. and how I can contact with you could you send me your email or number phone ,wechat, whatsapp,etc

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2022-12-15 16:19:20
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2022-12-04 10:40:02
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-11-30 19:53:33
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Hi, we need bus air conditioning
My WhatsApp
If you leave message there or give me your email I will contact you

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2022-11-12 20:40:02
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Dear Sir, I read on the Internet that you have Used Rails for sale. Please send me a S.C.O. to go into details. Thank you in advance. Gheorghe Rahau Executive Director

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2022-11-06 05:19:19
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Spare Parts We have a Slitting Line from you, Model 3-12.5 x 2000 mm. We need to buy spare parts. Can you sent me your contact? Tks, Osvaldo Villegas

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2022-10-04 03:09:09
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Hi Emily,  Hope you and the family are well.  Just wanted to know how the rings are going.  Will they ship soon? Thanks, Alex Szwed

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2022-10-02 22:04:46
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Dear Mr. Radonanjin. First of all, please send me your email so that I can contact you in the future. I bought a vegas deluxe massage hot tub in 2005 in Belgrade. The importer was ENMON company. I'm having a problem finding a repairman or a service that would fix a malfunction on one of tub  valves. Please let me know if you have a service network in Serbia that can fix the malfunction. My contact phone is +381-63-1301390. Many thanks in advance Milojko Injac

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2022-09-21 21:00:29
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Please advise price for the following 2ton Ride on A/C powered Pallet Truck 540 x 1150 with power steering, double load wheels, with battery & charger. Also lithium if you have it. Please send catalogue.

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2022-08-31 16:12:51
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-08-10 13:05:36
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Please offer CIF Chattogram  with your full spec, packing detail, fcl capacity and delivery time. Product:   1. Semi Coke : Quantity - 200 MT Specification : Fixed Carbon(FC):            84% Min. Ash (Dry Basis)  :               9.0% Max. VM (Dry Basis)   :               7.0% Max. Sulphur (Dry Basis):         0.50% Max. Moisture             :               12% Max. Size        :               10-20mm (90% Min.) 2. Hard Coke : Quantity - 200 MT Specification : Fixed Carbon(FC):            68-70% Min. Ash (Dry Basis)  :               25-27% Max. VM (Dry Basis)   :               1.5-2% Max. Sulphur & Phosphorus: below 1%   Moisture             :               10%   Size        :               10-20mm (90% Min.) 3. High Ash Coke : Quantity – 200 MT Specification  : Fixed Carbon(FC):            55% Min. Ash (Dry Basis)  :               30% Max. VM (Dry Basis)   :               15-20% Max. Moisture             :               10%   Sulphur & Phosphorus   :               below 1%   Size        :               25-75mm (90% Min.) 4. Coking Coal : Quantity – 200 MT Remark : For the item Coking Coal, the third party pre-shipment inspection by SGS is required at supplier’s cost.

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2022-08-02 11:26:10
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Greetings, My name is Dr. Abayneh Alemu. I am from Ethiopia which is one of the East African countries. Currently, I am working at a government office that is the Ministry of Agriculture. I have planned to export Civet Mask to international markets (Italy, France South Korea, etc). I have searching international markets. If your company has a plan to import CIVET MASK, I have ready to export it. I can provide a quality civet mask for you.

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2022-08-01 00:09:25
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Dear Export Manager, We are sourcing for good quality graphite and coloured pencil sharpeners.  Where can we see your products for possible import please?  Thank you.

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2022-07-06 15:12:07
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Hi Kevin Guo, We are looking for tungsten griding wheel (or disc) for rubber conveyor belt repair.  It is a round shap and the diameter is 7 inches.   Do you have it?

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2022-06-17 15:36:46
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Hi I have some inquiry for Univer product kindly contact, Thanks & Best Regards Ebrahim Call / WhatsApp :

United Arab Emirates
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2022-06-09 04:26:53
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I would send you order. Please send me e-mail address for our order. Lakshya Steel from India

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2022-05-16 14:33:28
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I would like to buy model: Electric pallet truck CBD20-460 Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling this model. I'm in VietNam Thanks

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2022-04-27 11:33:34
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