CAS 592-41-6 1-hexene

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CAS 592-41-6 1-hexene
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  • 2023-06-05 19:10:10
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CAS 592-41-6 1-hexene2023-06-05 19:10:10

Dear Sir/Madam, good day. My name is Olesia Saisanova. I am a purchasing manager in Krezol. Krezol, a manufacturing company based in Ufa (Russia). Send please price for  CAS 592-41-6 1-Hexene ind grade, 49,5MT. Application- comonomer for the production of polyethylene. Mono-olefins (in total)min  99.8% N-alpha-olefins (in terms of 1-hexene) min  99.0% Paraffins max 0.2% C6 hydrocarbons (total) min 99.9 % Carbonyls max 1 ppm Peroxides max 1ppm Water max 25 ppm Benzene max 1ppm The appearance is clean without visible impurities Packing is an IBC drum. Send please COA and MSDS. Thanks.

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