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Tengo un producto y quiero comprar otro.

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2022-12-07 22:22:08
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Hi dear,good timeplease send me catalog and some photos of packaging.We need EXW price in 500 pcs too

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2022-11-25 16:42:13
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antique medical examination table stainless steel examination bed

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2022-11-22 13:30:13
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  • Physical Therapy Equipments
  • Portable Laboratory Microscop XSP 12 Lab 10X Monocular 100X Objective Lens Optical Biology Microscope for Science Experiment
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2022-11-10 20:58:59
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Dear Sir / Madam I bought the EA-VF29 device from Romania. The laser head broke down and I can't find where to buy it. Please help me . Regards, Olivia Popovici

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2022-11-09 03:01:16
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How much is that chair
I need a sample first then when all goes well I will start buying in bulk,  I have my shipping agent in Guangzhou that I can use if we agree on the price. Thanks

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2022-11-08 16:10:02
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  • Physical Therapy Equipments
  • Chongqing Huanqiu Hot Sale Infrared Effecient Therapeutic TDP Treatment for Hemorrhoids
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2022-11-05 15:10:02
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2022-10-31 09:45:34
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  • Physical Therapy Equipments
  • Electronic pulse massager/TENS(Better than EA-777) EA-737D,With CE certification,ISO13485,ISO9002,Over 20 years history
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2022-10-27 14:20:03
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workout price for 200sets delivery at our GZ warehouse in USD/RMB

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2022-10-20 21:29:30
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?I need a quote for the patient transport stretchers 10 units, 2 non foldable stretchers for ambulance and 3 foldable stretchers

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2022-10-11 15:20:01
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2022-10-09 16:38:25
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I wanna order rehabilitation equipments

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2022-10-06 18:33:13
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Where can we buy the battery for this product please?  Do you sell them and how much is it?  Thank you

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2022-10-05 08:30:01
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Please send catalogue and pricelists on your laser and led products asap.  Thank you

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2022-10-05 08:18:09
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2022-10-04 23:33:04
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I have bought your apparatus on Ali, however in the short manual there is very little info on how to use. Could you please send me a detailed manual how to use it, on which places of the body, in which cases, etc. Please feel free to send the Chinese version of the manual, I will use automatic translation. Thank you

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2022-10-02 18:03:41
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2022-09-28 23:37:40
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2022-09-21 14:04:44
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  • Physical Therapy Equipments
  • Hot sale medical equipment dison brand Infant led Phototherapy Unit for jaundice with good price
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2022-09-08 03:22:57
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2022-09-05 22:38:54
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Where can you deliver im in albania
I want to know if you can deliver in albania

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2022-09-03 02:20:02
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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?hi, the model number is Dison Phototherapy unit( BL-50)

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2022-09-02 21:20:02
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Hello! Please, I need an information. Do you have Trade Representative in Brazil or in South America that could answer in Brazil?

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2022-08-22 23:10:02
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