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2016-07-05 17:56:46
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Prodrex-Deutschland Handelsunternehmen Group of Grewebau GMBH to: please, send me all technical information , prices about the cutting machines . CNC PUNCHING, Lazer/ Flame Cutting, FORMING, TOOLING and MOLD MAKING, MACHINING & DRILLING, WELDING & our mailbox: info@prodrex-deutschland-guss.de or grewebau@t-online.de bestRegards Grewe grewe

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2016-07-05 17:55:33
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Hello, im interested at your sales of Key Cutting Maschines. I have got a view questions about your Offer: Do you sell these Maschines single or can we only buy a number of maschines? Can you sent me a Price list? I need to know how you Dispatch the Maschine and how much it costs. Thank you for your efforts! Heiko Geers

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2016-07-05 17:55:27
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Regarding: Guangzhou Yinghe Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Model No YH-800, YH-1120, YH-1350, and YH-1660 1. Is cutting sofware included in scope of delivery? 2. If we were to order a sample, what are your terms of sale and delivery? Thanks

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2016-07-05 17:55:20
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