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Inquiry About Guangdong Yada Electronics Co., Ltd.
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  • 2021-08-04 18:14:17
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Inquiry About Guangdong Yada Electronics Co., Ltd.2021-08-04 18:14:17
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Good afternoon. I got your contact information from Pentagon instruments in the UK. They indicated that you are the manufacturer of and could be of help for the product we are looking for. 

We are in need of YM-485 COMMUNICATION MODULE FOR yd-2200 power analyzer. 
You can find the photos of the communication module that needs to be replaced with the new ones and the technical data sheet for YD-2200 power analyzer for your to review.
YM-485 Communication module               Requested Quantity: 3
We would kindly request your proposal with delivery time, pricing and also with the GTIP codes so, we can evaluate everything at be able to proceed.

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