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Please send me the updated price and MOQ?
Please send me detail product specification, thank you!Hi, I am Ting from Master Elegant Ltd. We are interested in your product. 

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2023-05-24 14:10:02
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2023-05-23 14:23:34
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2023-04-10 02:10:02
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I need 52S liners and hydraulic relief cylinders Thank you

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2023-04-06 18:50:02
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Would you send me a product sample before I place an order? We also need hydraulic relief cylinders Thank you Gilbert Amanor 

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2023-04-06 18:40:31
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I need 52S cone crusher liners And hydraulic relief cylinders For telsmith 52S cone crusher

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2023-03-31 03:40:02
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metal mesh face shield

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2023-03-15 22:46:50
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I would like to know more about the product and prices. ICS diamond chain and chain bar required for concrete cutting STIHL 14’’ standard chainsaw

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2023-03-10 06:35:35
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2023-02-16 04:51:16
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me 4 sides brush grinding machine

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2021-11-09 17:46:45
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we need replacement carbon brushes for AEG PE150 (or AP12E) 5*10*15 with auto stop. Original part is 4931381391. Can offer?

Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
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2021-10-22 01:38:41
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I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information?

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2021-10-11 22:17:22
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Hi sir i want buy armature and stator....how much..im from malaysia
Hi sir i want buy armature and stator....how much..im from malaysia

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2021-09-04 05:10:02
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Please send me more about the product price. Send your We chat number

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2021-07-08 02:40:11
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CLIF TOOLS PVT LTD 72 Narayan Dhuru Street Mumbai 400 003 India Dear Sir, We are interested in power tools. Kindly contact us at gitools@yahoo.com Best Regards Amit Gupta +91-9819352946 wechat : gitools

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2021-07-03 18:19:47
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What is your min. order quantity?

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2021-03-29 12:54:12
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Please provide me with more product details. We chat number +91 9427020477

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2021-03-18 11:30:05
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I need armatures stators in bulk

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2021-03-16 11:50:02
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I need armatures
Need armatures stators in bulk

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2021-03-15 23:40:02
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i want to import f 20 planner armature in karachi pakistan

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2021-01-11 01:40:02
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To whom it may concern, I am glad to tell you that your company is one that we are showing great interest while we create our new catalog and product range. You are very good at cordless products. To establish a strong cooperation with your esteemed company, kindly tell me: -Are you working with a Turkish company? -Confirm if we can switch BL or not -I will buy from you and export directly to my customers in Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America. Do you work like that with your existing customers? -Please send me all the certificates you got -Send me all your products price list (this is very important), give me main specifications (I got details in your catalog), packaging details and MOQ. -Please keep the MOQ as low as possible -I need best, cheapest, most competitive price (bear in mind that I know about Chinese market and prices, we cannot work with prices that I cannot sell) -Please confirm that we can change the colors and add my company name and logo on your products. Waiting for your kind and urgent reply. You can communicate with me by whatsapp 0090 533 230 75 87 Best regards, Onur EREN

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2020-12-08 04:46:21
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Miss Jesica wang I am looking for a person Mick Fang who met us in Cologne in 2018. could you please let me know if he is still working in y/Company. He offered us Power Tools like cordless drills. best regards. Krysia. P.W.Rompol Roman Dzyr Poland

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2020-12-01 19:32:33
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Hello My name is Rodrigo, I’m representative of power tools service in southamerica of brands as Makita, Einhell, Bosch, Black&Decker, etc. I’m looking for differents types of spare parts as switchs, armatures, belts, carbon brush, speed controls, etc, for angle grinders, drills, table saw, hammers and others power tools; corded 220v and cordless 18v. I think we can do bussiness for long time, so I’ ll be glad to receive information from your side. Please can you send me a brochure?, can you deliver to Chile?, Thanks and regards, Rodrigo

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2020-10-31 18:33:18
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من فضلك أرسل لي المزيد عن سعر المنتج.

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2020-10-26 06:07:28
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