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CHINA.CN is a B2B e-commerce platform called to connect millions of buyers and suppliers from all around the world. For our great authority and influence in global online trading, we have been honored as the “National Team” in China, which means that you can rely on us to always provide excellent client and customer service.

Within our broad selection of water, air, and oil pumps, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Just browse through our pumps and spare parts catalog, click "Contact Now" and request a quote from the supplier.

What is a pump and why you might need one

A pump is an industrial device designed to move fluids or semi-liquid mixtures by mechanical action. Pumps can be operated manually or be powered by electricity, engine or even wind. They are largely used for dewatering after heavy rains or floods, but pumps can also be applied in energy industry to obtain natural gas, oil or for operating cooling towers. They also come in handy in car industry – for water-cooling and fuel injection. Every type of use calls for a different type of a pump:

You can also find a wide range of parts for pumps in our catalog such as impellers, casings, shafts and wheel axle caps - everything you need to maintain your pump in the top shape.

If you need any help finding what you need, choosing the right type of pump or replacement parts for your existing device, don’t hesitate and contact us! Our experts are at your service!

How to use our website

Thanks to the convenient filter, it is easy to single out what you are really looking for. No need to browse through everything. Just check the boxes on the left side of the page and cut your searching time in half! You can even choose the suppliers by region to find the one closest to you and save expenses on delivery. We also list the approximate range of prices for pumps and parts, but you need to request an inquiry from the direct supplier to find out the total cost of your specific order.

Become one of our trusted suppliers

Do you sell pumps or repair parts for them? Let us help you find more customers and boost your sails! Register on CHINA.CN and join hundreds of manufacturers who already participate in the global business community!

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