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Inquiry about High Five PCB Technology limited
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  • 2019-05-15 20:51:36
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Inquiry about High Five PCB Technology limited2019-05-15 20:51:36
I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.
I need again PCB K448-A6, K448-B6, K448-C6 as last time.

But this time I need new panel design  with 36 circuits as follows:

6 pcs. K447
6 pcs. K448-A6
6 pcs. K448-B6
6 pcs. K448-C6
6 pcs. K449-A6
6 pcs. K449-B6

You already have the data for K448 and K449.
But I think I never sent data for K447. Please find attached the data.

K447 is similar as K448 and K449. Edge plating of half holes, PCB thickness 1.6mm. 3 oz for all 6 layers. surface ENIG, solder mask green.

Please send quotation for panels with 3 oz. Cu.

Qty: 23 panels
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