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Inquiry About Guangde Haikuo Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
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Inquiry About Guangde Haikuo Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.2021-11-24 19:51:47
Dear Sir,
We are Solas Egypt, specializes in the management, supply, installation and providing technical support for safety-related issues for marine and industrial sectors.
We participate in many tenders for supply Fire Fighting equipment for one of largest Egyptian company, so that you are requested to provide us the best offer according the two followings tenders:
Tender (1) Supply of Qty. 188  fire hoses, diameter 2.5’’ with an interior and exterior double jacket.
Fire hose diameter 2.5’’ with an interior and exterior double jacket for Firefighting Activities.
Technical Specifications:
A.	Hoses:
1-	The hose should be made of polyester, lined from the inside and outside with an inner layer of rubber and external layer with a thickness ≥ 0.5 mm, made of acids, alkalis, oils and friction resistant material.
2-	The fabric shall be free from any defects.
3-	The inner diameter  during  operation pressure  should be 2.5”. 
4-	The length of the hose = 30 meters.
5-	The weight per meter hose ≤ 0.65 kg.
6-	The explosive pressure of the hose ≤ 50 bar.
7-	Suitable for operating pressure ≥ 15 bar without any water leakage, whether from the hose fabric or camlock fittings connection.
B.	Camlock:

1-	Each hose to be fitted with two camlocks, one camlock at each end, male and female mors type 2.5”.
2-	Camlocks  should be made of a chock absorbable and heavy duty operation light metal alloy (LIGHT ALLOY) and according to the British standard BS 336:2010.
3-	Camlocks should be tightly tied and assembled for w high pressures operating,  Assembly of camlocks and hoses with the knowledge of the hoses-producing company. 
4-	Additional of Qty. 5 rubber seals to be supplied with each hoses with the same of fitted in female camlock.
General Conditions:
1-	The supplier company  is obligated to submit an Original  certificate, manufacture, Catalogues,  model, production date and customs clearance upon import or (1 Euro), shown that the hoses are fitted with camlockers.
2-	The hose must be imprinted with the trademark data [Number and date of the standard ,  hose grade and inner diameter , maximum operating pressure , production date - despite the destination] at least twice on each hose.
3-	An original inspection certificate (for perusal) issued by the original manufacturer of the hoses, indicating the pressures, shall be submitted Testing, commissioning and certification according to the standard.
4-	The supplier company to guarantee the hoses for a period of ≥ two years from delivery date, against defects Industry .
5-	Production date ≤ one year from the date of supply. 
6-	A random sample of the total quantity will be tested prior to supply for testing, provided that it is the expense of your company, taking into account that the random sample is not counted from the total quantity.
7-	Test certificate from the manufacture  company submitted that the hoses are according to the European standard specifications (Type 3) BS-6391/2009.
Tender (2) Supply of Qty. 75 Fire Hose Reels according to the European Standard EN 671:
A.	Steel Drum:

1.  Manufactured according to European specifications EN 671.
2. It shall consist of two circular steel discs (with same diameter) of electrostatically painted with a red color layer of 100% pure polyester, thickness ≥ 1.5 mm, Two disks connected by pipe  ≥ 20 cm diameter.
3. The edges of the reel must be without sharp edges that cause damage to the hose or injury user. 
4. The reel must be equipped with an inlet water from both sides.
 5. Factory data, diameter and length of the hose, standard specifications to be written on the reel.

B.	Hose:
1. The hose is made of flexible rubber reinforced with synthetic fibers for high pressures operating.
2. The hose ≥ 30 m long, and must be fitted with nozzle.
3. Operating pressure ≥ 12 bar, the origin and the standard specifications to be written on the hoses.
4. The explosive pressure of the hose ≤ 50 bar, and hoses to be withstand a pressure equal to three times the maximum operating pressure. 
5. Hose shall have a circular section, and its internal diameter shall be ¾” = 19mm connected with nozzle.
6. Made of flexible rubber and reinforced with synthetic fibers.
7. The hose to be tightly fixed with the water inlet. 
C.	Nozzle:
1.	 A multi-purpose water monitor equipped with a lever to control the amount of water flowing and allows the outlet water collected or a dropper by controlling the operating lever.
2.	The Nozzle to be tightly fixed with the hose by pressing.

3.	 The Nozzle to be made of a copper plated with nickel-chrome alloy, lined with rubber on the outside to provide protection necessary for the user.

D.	Flexible joint and landing valve:
-	Flexible joint with the water inlet and ball valve ¾” to be supplied.
Due date to be before 5/12/2021.
Offer validity 2 months.
CIF Delivery to be shortest as possible??
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