RFI: tubular PVA film

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RFI: tubular PVA film
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  • 2021-10-05 19:15:01
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RFI: tubular PVA film2021-10-05 19:15:01
I'm working for Comate, a Belgian engineering company. For one of our clients we are developing a product incorporating a PVA film. We are currently scaling up our clients lab-demonstrator to an industrialized product.  
For this reason we are screening PVA film manufacturers for capabilities to supply PVA film in tubular form. More specifically we are looking for a tubular film with following characteristics: 
•	Around 60-65mm diameter
•	Length 300mm to 1500mm
•	Film thicknesss between 50-100 micrometer
•	Pinhole free
Without sharing too much information at this point, I already want to give you an idea on the scope of this project. Our client plans on entering the market in 2023 with a first batch of 5000 units. This would roughly translate in >40km of tubular film for that batch. 
Does your company have the competence to supply PVA film with these requirements? 
If yes, would it be possible to receive some samples in order to test your product? 
Kind regards,
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