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Inquiry About Guangzhou Junyu Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-11-04 01:27:48
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Inquiry About Guangzhou Junyu Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.2019-11-04 01:27:48
Dear Mr Benson,
We sent you an email dated 2019-11-02 to and and would like to know if you received one of those messages so that we know which email adress we use in the future. We await your offer for the indicated machines, white colour, complete sets, ORIGINAL brands only:
-Juki DDL-8700-7    DDL-8700B    DDL-9000B  DLN-5410-7
 brother 7100 / 7200 / 7300 and 7220C
Please give us different price levels from the cheapest category so that we can satisfy all customers
- Brother B845-405 twin needle knock out 1/4 with trimmer or Juki
- Juki M0-3314 and 3316 wide 5X5 or Pegasus M652/M732X70 and M732X86 or Siruba 747 / 757
-brother B928-8A or 9280-8  or Juki MS-1261 heavy material 1/4
-Juki LK-1850  LK-1900A-HS
-Juki LBH-781/782 with separate gears set to change the length of the buttonhole
-brother B980-02   RH-9820-02 for jeans
-Juki MB-373  MB-1377
- Juki AMS-210 and brother BAS-340-series ans BAS-612
-Kansai DLR-1508P    DLR-1503PTF   B2000C
-Singer 302U406 1/4-1-1/4
-Siruba F007E-W122-356 and C007E-122-356
The machines must be tested and in good working condition, ready for use. If you have any interesting offer for available machines, let us know. Thanks & regards
Mr Baccouche
Baccouche Techno Export Sarl / Tunisia
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