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Travel blanket
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  • 2019-04-05 17:34:55
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Travel blanket2019-04-05 17:34:55

My name is Andrew Stevenson from Tulsa Technology Group. We are based in the US. We specialize in selling high quality travel products. We are looking to purchase travel blankets for export to the US market. 

We estimate 36,000pcs annual purchase volume. 

I am looking to place an order for 10,000pcs. 

If they are received well by the market, we will be a repeat buyer and a large volume buyer for this product in the future.  

Please let me know your price. It needs to be competitive otherwise we won't use you.  
See attached photos and specifications below. 

70% Natural Bamboo Fiber
30% Cotton

1)	Hole for head (Blanket is a poncho style blanket with a hole for the head to go through. The user wears the blanket like a poncho.)
2)	Pocket with zipper several cm below the head hole.
3)	All edges need to be bonded or finished. The head hole must be bonded. 
4)	Color should be dark blue. 
5)	We will need you to also manufacture a carrying pouch for the blanket using the same materials and with a zipper. 

Please quote us a price with your high quality zipper and also quote us a price for if you have a YKK zipper. 

Attached to this email are a drawing of the travel blanket dimensions and 4 pictures. The first two pictures are an example of the carrying pouch. The third picture shows how the blanket has a head hole. The fourth picture shows the zippered pocket that is on the front of the blanket several cm below the head hole. 

The drawing of the dimensions of each feature include how many cm long and wide the blanket is in addition to the distance between features such as the pocket and the head hole. 

Please see my questions below: 

1) We would like to print our logo on the carrying pouch and also on a tag attached to the travel blanket, can you do this? 

2) Please send a quotation EXW factory based on 10,000pcs. 

3)	Please send us the exact names of the materials you can use like those listed above. If possible, please also send us a list of the features of this material. For example: 
Material: 30% Cotton and 70% Natural Bamboo Fiber. Excellent Expansibility & Strong Hygroscopicity & Anti-microbial & Skin-Friendly.

4)	Are you a manufacturer or trading company? 
5)	Does this product have a patent or trademark on it that I need to worry about? We   cannot sell a product with a patent on it.

6) Which countries do you mainly export to? 

7) What is the sample cost with shipping by express to Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA? 

Appreciate your reply. Thank you. 

Andrew Stevenson
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