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Dear sirs, We are looking for a very specific gear box and would be grateful for reply e-mail, so that we could send the drawings of the gear box Best regards Tatyana Bugrova

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  • JIE Holding Group Hangzhou Wanjie Speed Reducer Co., Ltd.
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2023-04-22 13:30:16
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Please let me know if you have this item and send me the official quote.  Thanks. YFF-112-12P/OFS-9002 Motor : Variable Speed 3 Phase Voltage : 230V 50Hz Power : 0.75KW AMP : 4.8A Speed : 450RPM IEC : 60034-1 ENCL : IP55 INS. CL/B : F Qty : 4pcs

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2023-04-20 21:23:49
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2023-04-18 01:20:02
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Dear Sir, Here is Saeed from Asantek,Dubai. We have an inquiry about Wankong Group Co., Ltd with details: Low voltage switchgear 4P drawer cable conn unit with order code: 5LS064001 10 units We would be glad to receive your offer. Best regards Saeed

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2023-04-14 19:13:09
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My name is Irina, from Usystems company, responsible for purchasing. Currently we are enlarging our product range and looking for producers in China. May I get your catalogue by e-mail? 

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2023-02-28 15:16:50
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I'm looking for Pellet binder from Polymethylolcarbamide. Please provide TDS, COA and the price CIF Bangkok.

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2023-02-22 11:10:12
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Would you please send me your email and I can see info for my enquiry for the tops that i want?  thank you

New Zealand
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2023-01-27 03:57:52
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Your company name full address pincode or zip code Your company products manufacturer PDF file send Your whatsapp number send me Requirements shaded pole gear motor

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2023-01-20 00:57:53
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

United Arab Emirates
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2022-12-31 21:14:33
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Please send me an email if this company is real and valid.

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2022-11-21 11:24:32
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Iam Andi from Indonesia would like to purchase your products Wire Scrap Copper (Millberry), Qty 1000mt/month. Please contact me  An

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2022-11-05 18:35:42
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Hello, How are you? My name is Raul Mota and I work for Prolam in Brazil and we are looking for new business partners to buy colored metallic film. Today we are looking for films in colors: • Gold • Rose Rold • Red • Blue Do you have this kind of metallic colored film? If yes, can you send the technical sheets with the microns you have for our first analysis along with the values as well? If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks you for your cooperation

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2022-10-06 20:59:25
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Good Day, Hope you keeping well, please could you quote us best price FOB for 20 tons LEAD INGOTS that we require to buy, first trial order thereafter  note if the pricing is good and competitive then this will be an ongoing order for you, Refined / remelted as well will be ok, WHOLESALE LEAD INGOTS , Note if the pricing quote is competitive and good then is on going business for you our volumes will be round about 300 to 500 tons to be taken over a period of time, But the quoted price has to be competitive for us to move forward, what can you do for us, Quality purity level can be 99% and above  no problem, that is ok for us, We would sign a contract with you for the purchase of 500 tons and more over a period of time, Destination Port – Durban , South Africa samples not required as we test the actual order goods for quality yes please send video and pics if you have will be good, Do you have the stock If the quote pricing is good then this will be ongoing order for you  -  40tons every two months ongoing forward orders. Please check and confirm by return asap Thanks and Regards Leo My company details as Follows: Safety Scene cc 93A , Fourth Ave, Geduld Springs, 1559 Johannesburg South Africa 

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2022-10-05 16:22:13
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me. we are interested in PE wood composite production line

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2022-08-24 03:37:38
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Dear supplier, we are looking for reliable factory for our German customers. Please contact us Thanks  best regards, Georg

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2022-08-24 01:23:49
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We would like to build long-term cooperations with you. Please give me reply!

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  • Shanghai Kefeng Alloy Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
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2022-08-18 13:10:11
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products.

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2022-07-13 15:51:50
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We need Inconel 751 for make our pressure sensors. Here is required specifications: Dimensions: strip (width x length): 45 mm x 69,000 mm Thickness: 0.05mm If you can supply, please contact me ruijuanyang@mstransducers.com.

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2022-07-04 16:21:00
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me Julia Arsenieva Key account manager ML One Solutions LLC

Russian Federation
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2022-06-06 20:18:59
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Hi... We are interested to buy Polymethylolcarbamide PMC for the purpose of Shimp food thickener could you please help to send price with bag photo and inner content as well  as price and payment term.  We prefer for CIF Bangkok Port for 1x20'.

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2022-05-26 11:11:41
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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  • JIE Holding Group Hangzhou Wanjie Speed Reducer Co., Ltd.
Russian Federation
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2022-05-16 14:34:14
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I would like to get quote for some of your products. Please contact me at my email address

United States
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2022-04-03 17:01:58
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Hi Please I have a Oplenic digital microscope camera model DCM310 and I lost the software, please can you send me the driver and software to use the camera. Thanking in advance Miguel Leon

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2022-03-18 08:18:29
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Impeller, Type: YFK112M, Order# YFK112MM/6/440/2.2/60/Y, For Chiller Condenser, Make: Zhejiang Jiangyu Motor Co. Ltd., China, For Cooling Water Circulation System of Chiller Station Quantity 20

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2022-02-23 16:52:03
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