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Hello, we would like to be connected to send quotes for custom hospitality furniture. Years ago we visited the factory and were in contact with Ewa and Mary. Thank you. Shannon Monti Margeaux Hospitality LLC

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2023-05-11 00:08:40
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Hello Do you sell aluminium coil for making industrial roofing sheet. Prepainted aluminium coil. If yes, send me vidoe and pictures. Send your best price per MT as well. Thanks. Dr. Adebayo Oladokun

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2023-03-28 03:12:09
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Dear Sir / Madam, I'm Fikri from PT. Dong Lim Chemical (Indonesia) We're looking for ''SORBITOL 70% SOLUTION'' supplier Could you send us the quotation? Thankyou

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2023-03-16 09:05:09
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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2023-03-13 19:18:46
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-02-22 00:27:22
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Dear Sirs, I am looking for a quality supplier for one of my clients. My client is manufacturing a food processing machine and will need silicone parts made from an NSF 51 Listed compound. The material hardness is not final yet but it will be between 65 to 75 shore A. Contact temperature is 140 to 160 deg. C. Please inform me if you can provide this material. Best Regards, Eng. Reuven Perez - Consultant Standards and Certification Regulatory adviser to the Israel Export Institute and International Cooperation Phone 

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2023-02-06 14:58:40
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2023-01-31 21:09:49
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Dear Sir's, We purchase your oil cooler before from Taiwan. Now we need replacement same type.  Please offer catalogue, many thanks. Mark Revett Circle Pumps Co., Ltd Taichung,

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2022-11-18 12:47:08
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Hello, We want to inquire about your product and kindly send us your 2022 updated catalog. Thanks. Jenny

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2022-11-06 06:12:47
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2022-09-04 15:17:04
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Hello. I need fabric samples of striped satin and viscose. Do you have these? And do you sell such samples?

Russian Federation
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2022-07-06 13:36:21
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Can you please send me a price list and catalogue for your best-selling products.

South Africa
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2022-06-03 20:42:27
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Kindly ask you to advise us with best price offer for provision crane, which are required for m/v «Seapower II». The delivery should be done in China.so that I can give you a complete proposal with drawings Please send me a catalogue & prices.

Russian Federation
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2022-05-27 22:14:33
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My company is Quimicolours from Ecuador, South America and we sell many products for the industry in general. We are currently looking for 100,000 sachets of 10-12g of Oxygen Absorbers. Pleas elet me know if you can deliver that amount and if we can start a commercial relationship between our two companies. Bets regards, Ricardo

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2022-05-19 22:20:12
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Hello, We are please to inform your esteem buying company the petroleum products you are looking for  is available in our storage tanks and reservoir for immediate delivery. Such as: 1) D2 DIESEL GAS OIL L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82 2) MAZUT M100 10585-75/99 3) JET FUEL JP54 4) JET FUEL JPA1 5) REBCO GOST 9965-76 6) LPG (LIQUIFEID PETROLEUM GAS) GOST 20448-90 7) BITUMEN GRADE 60/70 AND 80/100 8) LNG( LIQUIFEID NATURAL GAS) GOST 5542-87 9) D6 VIRGIN FUEL OIL 10) AGO 11) GASOLINE 89-92-93-95 OCTANE RUSSIAN ORIGIN 12) EN 590 RUSSIAN ORIGINS 13) ESPO 14) LCO 15) BASE OIL 16) MGO 17) EURO 4 AND 5 18) UREA FERTILIZERS 

Russian Federation
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2022-04-07 22:23:48
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Good morning from Greece, I'm the business consultant of a Greek-based company that produces plastic bottles etc. I'm asking if you could send me some information (especially CE certificates, declaration of conformity) regarding the VS600 pet blow machinery that you produce. Thank you in advance, Apostolos Batsidis info@batsidis.gr

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2022-02-17 19:05:16
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Good day, Do you also happen to carry powder pigments? If so, kindly please direct me to whom I can discuss MOQs and quotations at CIF Manila port. Thank you. Best regards,

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2022-01-19 13:42:27
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dear sirs and madams, we tried to send you an email (joyce@magneticind.com; sales@magneticind.com). but it failed. please tell us, which email address is ok. thank you very much in advance. with best regards Trautz GmbH & Co. KG Karin Schmitt Import-Dept. phone: +49 6327 97 77 70 fax: +49 6327 97 77 22 email: kschmitt@trautz.de internet: www.trautz.de

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2022-01-03 17:04:24
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we, ZTC Company are one of the eldest animal pharm. and feed additive company In iran with more than 28 yrs experience in iran and china. we are willing to start our animal pharm. business with CNCCC Jiangsu branch if strong in this regard. we were doing business indirectly with CNCCC Dalian Branch 22 yrs ago but it is cut down for some personal issues. so, if you are interested, pls send your email to ozarghi@ztc-co.com to make a new business route. if you are not doing business with Iran directly, no problem, we can use our facility in Dubai office both to get your shipment and payment routes. thx Dr. Omid Zarghi Mobil : 00989121773577 (Whatsapp)

United States
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2021-12-01 18:24:44
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Hello, I'm located in Guangzhou. Looking for Renjian or Livzon HCG and HMG. Could you send me pricing? Preferably in RMB if you can accept RMB payment.

United States
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2021-11-06 12:16:29
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Dear Sirs, We are an import/export trading company interested in your products. Specifically, Double Lions Battery (Dry Cell) Do you have an Agent in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo? I would be interested in developing this huge market for you. Please email us your product list with the best discounted price to review. Best Regards, Dan Namisi

United States
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2021-10-31 12:01:55
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Dear Mr.Sanong Chumchuen, Please provide me your final lowest CFR C2%Chattogram price with TDS/MSDS/SPCS and packing details etc.etc. by return email asap preferably by now for 2x20'FCL Sorbitol 70%. Your early return email reply solicited. Thanks and best regards, M. K. Saifullah High High International WhatsApp: 008801883436484

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2021-10-05 15:16:30
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I get a miss call this 2 day from this number ?may I know this number calling from where ya
I get a miss call this 2 day from this number ?may I know this number calling from where ya

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2021-08-23 18:50:01
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.

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2021-07-03 15:42:34
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