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Inquiry About Suzhou Guerjie Trade Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-04-27 21:58:31
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Inquiry About Suzhou Guerjie Trade Co., Ltd.2019-04-27 21:58:31
Dear Srividhya Lakshmi
Good day
Order:Thermal Fogger  (scatter fog)
We are a trading company selling agricultural equipment.
We work in UAE, Syria and Lebanon.
We have a customer who wants to buy fogger sprayer  specifications as follows:
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Small scatter fog portable on shoulder. Number of pieces required / 5 /
1- Starting electric scatter fog, via battery (rechargeable battery).
2. Portable scatter fog on the shoulder by belts
3.scatter fog The spray fluid can be controlled
4- The scatter fog is equipped with a metal fuel tank coated with a material resistant to the reaction and interaction with chemicals of a capacity not less than a liter. (What is the capacity).
5 - scatter fog contains a tank of a solution not less than 6 liters (what is the capacity). Made of chemically resistant materials
6- The scatter fog is equipped with a carburetor capable of suitable combustion, and maximum discharge not less than / 25 / liter/ hour. (What is the capacity)
7- The weight of the  fog scatter empty not more than 10 liters. (What is weight)

**** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Large scatter fog  Number of pieces required /5 /
1. The scatter fog is portable on a car
2. Provision for agricultural spraying
3- The device works by single-cylinder single-cylinder gasoline
4- The scatter fog has the capacity and appropriate consumption of fuel (gasoline), and consumption not less than 100 liters / hour (What is the consumption)
5. Starting  Operate the fog screener  by a battery supplied with a charger.
6. The flow of solutions and the size of the pesticide atoms in the fog scatter can be controlled
7- The   scatter fog dispenser contains the external and internal mounting cylinder made of high temperature resistant metal and resistant to chemical reaction
8. The scatter fog contains a spray tank with a capacity ranging from / 50-100 / liter (what is your capacity).
It is made of materials resistant to chemical reaction and bears high temperature.
9. The scatter fog is equipped with a suitable fuel tank (what is the capacity).
10 -  scatter fog with electronic control panel (for running - spraying).
11 - scatter fog  spread with the necessary equipment for maintenance and calibration.
12- The scatter fog  is made up of a cohesive material group (plate - charred - tank - roller coaster)
What are spare parts, what is their price and number?

Please suggest a model with the above specifications.
Please send a catalog with technical specifications
Sending the price to five pieces of each fogger .
We are waiting for the answer
Best Regards
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